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Chem 142 and Math 125

lilly123456lilly123456 9 replies8 threads New Member
edited September 2013 in University of Washington
I'm taking Chem 142 and Math 125 this upcoming quarter, and the textbook for Chem is GENERAL CHEMISTRY 142 (7E 12) (CUSTOM) and for Math it's 2 P/S V.1 CALCULUS SINGLE VARIABLE (CUSTOM) (7E 12) W/ WEBASSIGN. My question about Chem is - would you recommend buying the full Chemical Principles textbook and buying WebAssign separately or buying each Custom edition - which includes Webassign as well as the solutions manual (I'm planning on taking 142, 152 and 162). Kind of the same question with math, should I just buy the textbook and webassign separately or just go ahead and buy the custom edition with web assign? I'll have to get another math textbook for math 126 winter quarter anyway so the custom edition with the webassign seems like the best option in that case... I'd really appreciate help as I am really really confused D: thank you!!!
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Replies to: Chem 142 and Math 125

  • mochiman24mochiman24 111 replies11 threads Junior Member
    First off, chem uses ALEKS, and math uses WebAssign. For the general chem series (142-162), I recommend purchasing the full Chemical Principles textbook as long as you are sure that you aren't going to drop chem in the future (many students will drop it). If you can't get the full copy, then go onto the UW Textbook Exchange Facebook group (https://www.facebook.com/groups/386983337980376/), and get a cheap copy for each course. You can purchase ALEKS separately, which they charge for one quarter or three quarters of general chemistry (at a slightly discounted price from what I remember). All the homework is done online through ALEKS, so getting a slightly older edition won't be a huge issue. For Math 125 (Calc 2), I highly recommend purchasing a used copy of the textbook, and a WebAssign package online. For Math 126 (Calc 3), you'll eventually need to purchase a new textbook, which also covers you for Math 324, assuming that you take Multivariable Calculus in the future. Like 125, Math 126 also uses WebAssign, as it's part of the introductory calculus series.
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