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Foster Transfer Questions (WSA, hardships, etc)

sourpatchkidssourpatchkids 46 replies19 threads Junior Member
edited September 2013 in University of Washington
Hello, I plan on applying to Foster for next fall.
I have a few questions...

I'm from California a just read about the WSA test, do I fill out that out of area form and take it to my local CC?? And I read that it plays a big part in admissions (35%) how can you practice for it? What would be considered a good score to go for considering my GPA is a bit low at around 3.4-3.5?

Also, does admissions take into account what schools your transcripts are from..?
Can you appeal with spring grades?

I spent my first 2 years at UCSB and got a 3.24 and am now at my CC on medical leave. I have high hopes I can get a 4.0 this semester which would bring me to a 3.46, and a 3.54 after spring.

Also, I have had a medical hardship, (severe Crohn's disease) and I have had 4 major surgeries and a dozen outpatient surgeries since I began college...will UW take this into account when they see my spring courses withdrawals and a decrease in course load?? (I went part time sophomore year and had to drop in spring for emergency surgery). The CSU's strictly number crunch which I don't think is particularly fair..

Thank you for your time, appreciate it.
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Replies to: Foster Transfer Questions (WSA, hardships, etc)

  • essitedessited 73 replies4 threads Junior Member
    I can't give you anything specifically in regards to Foster, but during the last year and a half of my CC time I went through major medical issues which meant three quarters worth of hardship withdrawals and a couple classes I had to retake (one three times). I gave a complete explanation in my essay, got in, and even when I had to do another withdrawal on classes taken after acceptance, I didn't get rescinded. Things like this are where that holistic admissions process is much better than just grades.
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  • sourpatchkidssourpatchkids 46 replies19 threads Junior Member
    Thank you. That is great to know. Hollistic admissions is the right way, i think its dumb that some schools look at applicants as just a number.
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  • seatacseatac 574 replies11 threads Member
    1) I believe all the instructions are on the form (http://www.foster.washington.edu/academic/undergrad/Documents/WSAOutofArea.pdf). First, you find somebody at a college who is authorized to administer the WSA for you, then you put his/her info on the form. He/she receives the packet, administers, sends it back to Foster.

    2) There are some practice WSA topics on the website (with the scoring guide): On-line Writing Skills Assessment Workshop. You can ask somebody make up similar topics for you.

    3) Around 4.5 (4.17 was the average last Fall).

    Here are some AVERAGE stats of admitted students for last Fall:
    Cum GPA: 3.51
    Pre-app GPA: 3.55
    WSA: 4.17

    4) For Foster, around 80% are admitted based solely on stats, the remaining are on case-by-case basis. Make sure you have a good personal statement with the description of your hardships (for Foster and the university). UW uses holistic approach all the time, but here is the trick: if you get admitted into Foster, there is a very high chance you will be offered admission to the UW as well.
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  • sourpatchkidssourpatchkids 46 replies19 threads Junior Member
    Thank you very much seatac those WSA numbers really help me know what I need to do.
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  • sourpatchkidssourpatchkids 46 replies19 threads Junior Member
    I have another question regarding the WSA. I see that the deadline is October 5th for winter transfers, but what about fall? Do you take the test after you have sent in the application or before?

    Is this the order?

    -Apply to University (by Feb 15)
    -Take WSA
    -Apply Foster (by April 5)

    Thanks again
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  • seatacseatac 574 replies11 threads Member
    Either way works. You can take it before (in this case you just put down the date you took the test) or after (in this case you put down the date when you will take the test). They will match it. You can also try taking it now and they can use this score. But if you take it later this year again they will use it instead, even if it's lower.
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