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Chem 142, 152, 162

saraj411saraj411 2 replies1 threads New Member
edited September 2013 in University of Washington
Hi, I was wondering if anyone has ever taken the chem 142, 152, 162 classes? I'm going to take them but I have no chemistry experience at all, no high school chemistry classes so I'm wondering how hard it would be? Oh and side note, can a freshman be paired with a junior for dorms?
edited September 2013
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Replies to: Chem 142, 152, 162

  • PrincipessaAnnaPrincipessaAnna 59 replies7 threads Junior Member
    Hopefully, someone who has taken these classes will chime in. But, from everything I've read on these forums, taking the chemistry series with NO high school chemistry at all is probably not a good idea. Here's the description for CHEM 110 which is basically a preparatory class: "Introduction to general chemistry with an emphasis on developing problem solving skills. Covers basic concepts of chemistry along with the mathematics required for quantitative problem solving. For students without high school chemistry or with limited mathematics background. Successful completion of CHEM 110 prepares students to enroll in CHEM 142". Unless you have a strong math background, maybe CHEM 110 would be advisable.
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  • saraj411saraj411 2 replies1 threads New Member
    I think I'll take your advice, though continue to constantly check this thread anyway. Thanks for the info!
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  • Nameless_StudentNameless_Student 196 replies12 threads Junior Member
    I've known someone who hasn't taken any chemistry in high school and ended up 4.0ing the class. He's also an honors student with strong study habits. So my take is, if you are diligent and have done well working hard in previous (science-) classes, you can very well do good in chemistry. In short, it isn't impossible, but you need to be on top of things and not leave questions unanswered. If you know you can do that (on a side note, science classes tend to be quite a bit harder than your average liberal arts or high school class), I wouldn't worry about taking it.
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  • saraj411saraj411 2 replies1 threads New Member
    Thanks, it's nice to hear that someone actually made it through, I think I will stick to it and do everything I could to understand.
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