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My chances of getting into UW? :D

MewtwoMewtwo 76 replies27 threads Junior Member
edited September 2013 in University of Washington
Um... hi, this is my first time.
I want to know if I have a pretty good chance of getting into UW.
Right now I don't feel very confident, as I got peers pressuring me, as well as my parents.
Some of my friends don't think they have a good chance of getting into UW, but they do better than me in school.

Right now I'm a High School Senior, soon to be applying for college.
I have done a summer program at UW and I will include those in my application (the essay part).

I have a 3.7 GPA (or around 3.75 I think)
These are all my honor classes:
Honors World Studies, Biology, and Chemistry.

These are all my AP/University classes:
UW Precalculus, UW Japanese, AP Calculus 1, AP Calculus 2, AP Biology, AP Psychology, and AP English.

My SAT Score (And my only one, I hope to do better in October) is: 1440.

I haven't been participating much in after-school activities (no clubs, but been going to places with my orchestra class, and orchestra is considered a club), and right now I'm still currently in a drug-awareness club that I joined in Junior year. I have stayed in Orchestra for all four years since I like playing the violin with my peers.

I'm also in-state and a southeast Asian (which is a minority according to UW).

But overall, I really want to get into UW. It is my top-school choice so I can stay with my family even longer and spend time with them until I have to move out and start my own life. UW told us in the summer program for minorities is that it isn't that hard to get in, but I just want to make sure.

I want to make my essay convincing, but right now I'm not so sure what to exactly sure. I started a rough draft, but it talks more about my parents and my goals, but not much about my actual skills and such. (Especially the additional comments, right now all I can think about are my dreams and goals for the future and community, but not much about myself).

Though, I was wondering if someone could give me an estimation of how much of a chance do I have?
Thanks :)
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Replies to: My chances of getting into UW? :D

  • mochiman24mochiman24 111 replies11 threads Junior Member
    If your SAT score is just the CR+M, then it's really good. Although, I'll assume it's your total score out of 2400, which means that it's below the national average. The average SAT at UW usually is around 1800, so that will hurt you. The rigor of your course load is not bad, especially with those UW courses, which they may take into consideration briefly. Not having an extensive or "special" after-school activity background will hurt you a lot. There's a whole section for you to describe achievements in this area. That is, unless you've put in quality time with orchestra for 4 years, which can help you. Of all the things, you being a Southeast Asian minority will help you get into UW. I have seen it happen. Furthermore, everything will come down to your personal statement and essay about diversity. They want to know what makes you worth accepting; what makes you appear to have a lot of potential academic upside beyond just numbers. Talk primarily about yourself. What have you done in high school? What have you overcome? What makes you any different from the next student that is a minority or has a high GPA and does orchestra? I would say you're between a high match to low reach. Washington state has decided to increase in-state student enrollment over the next few years, so it will only continue to help you out. Plus, everyone knows it's far easier to get into if you're in-state, obviously. By the way, my younger brother is also applying to the UW; I wish he had enough concern to do what you're doing right now! He doesn't even have a final list of universities he wants to apply for...
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  • triseradadtriseradad 147 replies11 threads Junior Member
    I would imagine that UW would look very closely at those UW courses, as nothing could be a better indicator of preparedness for UW than having already completed UW courses. The UW courses would not be included in your high school GPA -- the UW app includes a separate GPA for college coursework. Therefore, what grades did you receive in the UW courses?

    Likewise, UW will look closely at the grades in your more rigorous classes, so how did you do in the AP and honors courses? UW will not normally consider AP exam scores as an admission factor, but if you did very well in AP exams, there is no harm in mentioning these scores somewhere in one of your app essays.
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  • MewtwoMewtwo 76 replies27 threads Junior Member
    Thanks mochiman24 and triseradad. You guys made me a little more confident :)
    Though @triseradad, I didn't do that well in UW Precalc, I think I got like a C or B (and I was only a Sophomore that time). It was a pretty hard class for me, since going from Algebra II to UW Precalculus was like a huge step! Though, a lot of people in UW Precalc during my sophomore year pretty much had a bad test score on the final exam... xD So luckily I wasn't the only one, but I wished I could've done better. Also it was the first time they started to teach UW Precalc in my school, so it was like an "experiment" for the first-year students. And right now I'm currently taking UW Japanese, and I'm doing pretty well.

    @mochiman24, I hope he gets accepted xD. Did you went to UW as well? How tough was it to get in, like did you have any other factors that boosts your chances? Also, what does CR+M mean? :D

    Thanks you guys.
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