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Appeal with LORs

sixohyesssixohyess 45 replies12 threads Junior Member
edited March 2014 in University of Washington
So, I'm sending out my appeal by tomorrow (or saturday) at the latest. The UW allows for three letters of recommendation as support, but I ended up with four (long story). Two are from counselors (one HS and one at the college, RS counselor) and the other two are professors I've taken from. I can't decide — should I send all four and maybe they'll just ignore the fact I sent one too many, or should I chuck one and send the three others?

And if I sent three I really feel like sending the two from the professors because I feel like they'd have more weight, plus I got good grades in both and took two classes from one of them and knew them fairly well, along with my college counselor's letter. I don't think an HS counselor would have much impact.. am I correct in assuming that? I really wanna send all four but I feel if I can't obey a simple request of three max, why should they admit me then?? Or I'm just overreacting.

Help please anyone

EDIT: typo :p
edited March 2014
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Replies to: Appeal with LORs

  • Candela2Candela2 160 replies1 threads Junior Member
    Perhaps call UW admissions, explain the story, and ask what they recommend?
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  • vanimeldevanimelde 76 replies1 threads Junior Member
    I strongly recommend carefully following whatever requirements are imposed (e.g., max three letters). Now, I don't know if you have had the same experience, but my high school counselor knew me from a half dozen meetings and was perpetually confused by my academic decisions. Similarly, the RS counselor met me a handful of times. In both cases, a recommendation would read "Kirito is a wonderful person: he/she/it even got some A grades according to her/his/its transcript!" As such, the recommendation might not be terribly helpful. If you have had a different experience, by all means, but it seems wasteful otherwise. Offhand, I would guess that if you send one too many, admissions will simply ignore the excess letter, whichever it may be. If you prefer the prior recommendation, contacting UW admissions will not hurt you.
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  • sixohyesssixohyess 45 replies12 threads Junior Member
    @vanimelde thanks! I've kinda gotten to know my RS counselor fairly well, I speak with her somewhat often and help with RS info sessions, just I don't see her as much as my profs of course. I'm kinda leaning towards throwing away my HS counselors as I really only see her to fill out enrollment forms three times a year for RS, and we don't speak about much else. I'm just hesitant to throw it away I guess. I'm gonna call in tomorrow and see what they say (as @Candela2 suggested) but I'll probably just end up sending in three. Four might be overkill anyways
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