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Chance me?

lilhambolilhambo 14 replies7 threads New Member
edited June 2016 in University of Washington
Unweighted gpa: 3.55
SAT (1600): 1340

I'm in NHS, Action Club. I play violin in orchestra and one year varsity of tennis.

I'm also OOS and in a very competitive hs.

I've taken 7 APS.

edited June 2016
7 replies
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Replies to: Chance me?

  • Aharris1105Aharris1105 159 replies2 threads Junior Member
    @lilhambo any volunteer hours? A lot of colleges these days don't care if you exel well at school they also want you to be well rounded. I know when I was in high school they required us to have a certain amount of volunteer hours in order to graduate because they knew colleges were looking for that.
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  • lilhambolilhambo 14 replies7 threads New Member
    @Aharris1105 Yes, I got around 100 volunteer hours from NHS and Action Club. I have leadership hours from volunteering at a camp.
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  • Aharris1105Aharris1105 159 replies2 threads Junior Member
    @lilhambo your chances should be good then. It's all a matter of waiting to hear back from them.
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  • ShadowStrike515ShadowStrike515 2 replies2 threads New Member
    What grade are you in?

    Your chances are ok as the avg. gpa is a 3.7 at uw.

    Tell me what your weighted gpa is because that really stands out in the application process especially with you taking 7 AP courses
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  • temekotemeko 4 replies2 threads New Member
    sorry to hijack this thread, but are you saying that weighted gpa is considered and important? because im really worried as i only have a 3.44 unweighted but a 4.4 weighted. What concerns me is that i heard that uw only looks at unweighted gpa
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  • UWfromCAUWfromCA 1336 replies54 threads Senior Member
    According to UW's Common Data Set for 2015-2016, enrolled freshmen had an average unweighted GPA of 3.78 (91.4% had an unweighted GPA of 3.5 or above; 64.24% had an unweighted GPA between 3.75 and 4.0).

    Both "academic GPA" and "rigor of secondary school record" are listed as "very important" factors in admission decisions.

    Good luck!
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  • temekotemeko 4 replies2 threads New Member
    do you know if UW recalculates gpa and if so how? also thanks for the info
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