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UW Chances

beatlesboy1233beatlesboy1233 5 replies11 threads New Member
Acad GPA (9-12): 3.5 W 3.25 UW
Acad GPA (10-12): 4.1 W 3.7 UW
Total GPA (9-12) 3.55 W 3.30 UW
*I totally screwed up my freshman year. Every since than, I've opened my eyes and started putting in effort. That's why my 10-12 GPA is great.*

- Upward trend of improvement

- 3 Honor Classes/ 8 AP Classes (ALL taken after my freshman year)

SAT/ACT: Thinking about going Test Optional. (Let me know what you think)

ACT: 25


- Intern at City of Hope Comprehensive Cancer Center
- Volunteer for Pomona Valley Hospital (300+ hours)
- Head of the volunteer committee at City of Hope Comprehensive Cancer Center
- President of 2 Clubs/ VP for another club.
- Worked as a district poll worker in the 2016 California Election
- Volunteered at City Council Debates
- Developing a publication regarding social media and cancer communication in the social age @ City of Hope

Major: Undecided

Essays: Hard work put into essays, hopefully will stand out.

OOS: From Southern California

Thank You!
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Replies to: UW Chances

  • prayersforUWprayersforUW 106 replies4 threads Junior Member
    Hi, you and I are in somewhat of the same position but I think you have a better chance than me. Your unweighted GPA is pretty below average but you did take 8 AP classes and 3 honors classes. My GPA unweighted is 3.56 which is about borderline average but I never took one AP class which is horrible. The average ACT is 25-29 for UW so you're borderline average for the ACT. My ACT is a 21 :(. You do have good EC's but UW only allows 5, so listing all those dont increase your chances because youre only allowed to list 5. Currently you do have a good chance, but if your essay is amazing then you'll increase your chances by a lot.

    Also I've heard that people who put undecided as their major tend to have more difficulty getting in because UW wants someone who's made up their mind about what their passionate about and what they want to do in life.

    In conclusion, you have a good chance. Make your essay amazing and you'll stand out.
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  • Mnoor17Mnoor17 28 replies2 threads Junior Member
    -For GPA you are on the lower end, but the upwards trend and course loud will work in your favor.

    -To my knowledge UW (Seattle) requires that students send in test scores, whether it be ACT or SAT, so make you send those. Your ACT is below average for UW, but its not a poor or bad score.

    -Pick the EC's that are most important to you, or that are most closely related to a major, I agree with the commenter above do not go undecided at the very least select a pre-major as your first choice and undecided as your second.

    -Lastly being from California may help your chances, as that is UW's second most represented state following Washington.

    -Overall you have a decent chance, good luck!!!

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