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What happens if you don't pass IB?

nyugirl17nyugirl17 11 replies16 threads Junior Member
I didn't get my IB Diploma. I was short one point. I don't know what to do. Should I tell my parents? Will they find out if I don't tell them? Can UW take back my acceptance? This is heart wrenching I feel like I wasted two years of my life even though I tried my absolute hardest in high school. Is it worth challenging the score or should I let it go?
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Replies to: What happens if you don't pass IB?

  • TTdd16TTdd16 279 replies8 threads Junior Member
    I don't know the answer to any of your questions, though my guess is your acceptance to UW wasn't contingent on your receiving the IB diploma, as a student in the U.S.. Maybe post in the "will they rescind my acceptance thread"? I've heard it's very expensive and generally doesn't work to challenge the score, but perhaps someone with experience can answer that.

    Regardless, I wanted to extend my sincere sympathy. The IB program is so intense, and people who aren't familiar with the program don't understand how much harder kids have to work to achieve the diploma (than simply doing a bunch of AP classes, for example.) I can understand how absolutely crushing this must be, and I would hope your parents would provide sympathy and support to you, if you tell them. But please try to put it in your perspective for the long-term. Assuming your college acceptance isn't in jeopardy, you've already had the experience of an extremely rigorous curriculum, with an intense focus on writing and analysis, and that will serve you well for the future. Most of the full IB kids I know haven't found college to be a big challenge because they're used to the workload and rigor. So while not getting the diploma after so much hard work is a huge disappointment, the skills you learned should help you tremendously.

    I wish you well. Please post later with an update.
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  • SnowflakeDogMomSnowflakeDogMom 457 replies7 threads Member
    My DD just graduated in June, she too was an IB Diploma Student until her Sr. year when she opted to drop from the diploma to the course. (Best decision ever) she took 2 IB tests and let everything else go (with our blessing)

    I remember asking her adviser this exact scenario.
    Per the IB coordinator at my DD's high school, the universities know that there is always the possibility that their accepted students may not obtain the IB diploma BUT their acceptance is based on the merit of the classes taken and overall stats/grades not just the IB diploma. I did a bunch of research on this to verify and everything I found backed up what the adviser told us.

    So, to ease your mind, you acceptance to UW is safe.

    I'm sorry you missed by 1 point, I know how hard you worked.
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  • AroundHereAroundHere 3600 replies22 threads Senior Member
    I agree, you need at least one D or F on your final high school transcript for them to consider rescinding. IB scores can place you out of classes, so there might be some credit lost due to an IB score, but it won't affect acceptance.
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  • caseyxcaseycaseyxcasey 23 replies0 threads New Member
    Hey, fellow IB student here!

    I believe UW only rescinds acceptances if you get lower than a 2.7 GPA, and since you aren't international, your acceptance wasn't dependent on the IB diploma, so you shouldn't worry much.

    If you wish to challenge the score, contact your IB coordinator. The fee should be ~$120 per test, and it's recommended that you only rescore if you're 1-3 points away from the upper grade boundary. (you can see this on the site by clicking "details" next to your IB test subject). Typically you shouldn't rescore any sciences or math subjects as those are completely objective scorings, but the EE, TOK essay, and other subject scores could vary greatly.
    One of my friends last year rescored the EE and went from a D to a A, so idk how the people score this stuff at all, it's honestly so subjective.

    The only upside to getting the IB diploma for UW is the automatic 15 credits, placement into classes / other credit is dependent on test scores alone.

    The IB is hard and I'm sorry about the 1 point difference, but if the diploma is important to you, it won't hurt to rescore if you have the money! Best of luck :)
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  • PineapplTreePineapplTree 13 replies3 threads New Member
    I've been told that the diploma really doesn't count for anything in the U.S. - it's the fact that you challenged yourself with its classes that matters to colleges. :)
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