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my chances of getting into UWash Seattle Engineering?

coolkid2220coolkid2220 0 replies2 threads New Member
edited July 2017 in University of Washington
I have a GPA of: 3.4
SAT score of: 1330, but i am planning to retake it in october and subject test of Math 2 and physics in november.

I study in an international school where they use the american system.
My courses are: HL Math, HL Physics, HL Chem, SL spanish abintio, SL economics and SL english lang and lit
I think i have chosen the hardest courses my school offers.

I am a leader of 3 clubs, I have over 150+ hours of community service, 2 JV sports, 2 best player awards.
3 online courses and 2 internships and one personal project.

I want to pursue Environmental Engineering or Industrial Engineering, I'm still not sure but I want to do engineering for sure.

So I would love your feedback on the information I have given you and thank you for helping me out. I appreciate all honest help and opinions.

edited July 2017
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Replies to: my chances of getting into UWash Seattle Engineering?

  • BookReader34BookReader34 2 replies1 threads New Member
    i want to know too.
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  • mummummummum 4 replies0 threads New Member
    It's hard to get direct admission into Engineering at UW.

    My son was accepted to UW as a state resident but didn't get direct admission into Engineering. This was with SAT 1490 and UW GPA of 3.85 (AP Calculus AB & BC, AP Language, AP US Hist, AP Physics, AP Chem, UW English 111) plus 4 years of Science Olympiad (4th in state) and 4 years of varsity level cross country and track. He has decided to go to another school which not only admitted him into Engineering but also offered generous merit aid.
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  • bogeyorparbogeyorpar 751 replies31 threads Member
    @mummum , which school is it? Congrats, engineering with merit aid is not easy to get.
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  • mummummummum 4 replies0 threads New Member
    He was offered merit aid at WSU, ASU, Gonzaga, and Embry Riddle Prescott, which is where he'll end up. With his merit aid, it won't be much more than UW but with much smaller classes, more interaction with profs as an undergrad, and direct admission into Aerospace Engineering.
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  • uwcse2020uwcse2020 45 replies0 threads Junior Member
    To be honest, a 3.4 high school GPA is not likely to get you admission into UW generally. I know multiple people that were taking college level courses through running start, and had GPAs in the 3.7-3.8 range who did not get in for fall 2018. Not to say you shouldn't apply, but I would curb your expectations accordingly, and look at other schools.

    Or go to a WA state community college for a year or two and then transfer with a higher GPA.
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  • Tigerlily24Tigerlily24 3 replies0 threads New Member
    edited March 2018
    I'm curious as to what school you son chose? My son is admitted to UW as an pre-major in Engineering for 2018. He has 1530 SAT, 34 ACT, 5's on multiple AP tests, 2018 Wa. State Knowledge Bowl Champions (out of 109 teams) Golf Captain, and a 3.8 GPA with mostly AP classes. He has also been accepted to WSU with a Distinguished University Achievement Award Scholarship of $4,000, for 2 yrs. We have inquired about him being directly admitted to Engineering at WSU. Some threads indicate that it is not always certain that you will get into UW Engineering Dept. as a Sophomore, even with good grades. So which college to choose? BTW- He has a few rejections (Vanderbilt, Univ, of Penn, and Rice) and is awaiting 2 more results, but it doesn't look good at this time.
    edited March 2018
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  • UWfromCAUWfromCA 1336 replies54 threads Senior Member
    @mummum and @Tigerlily24, your sons have very impressive academic records. If they were not offered Direct to College of Engineering at the UW, you might consider an appeal:

    “Freshmen admitted to the UW, but not to the College of Engineering, may petition their Direct to College decision.”


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  • WeakECs12WeakECs12 42 replies10 threads Junior Member
    @UWfromCA I didn't get into CoE(3.95 and 35 act) and was not aware this was an option. Thank you so much for this info, appealing probably won't change anything but I want to go to UW so badly.
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  • mummummummum 4 replies0 threads New Member
    edited April 2018
    My son who was accepted general admission but not directly into UW Engineering got in at Cal Poly SLO Aerospace Engineering off the waitlist! There are lots of great schools for engineering out there with smaller classes than UW. Cast a wide net and see what happens.
    edited April 2018
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  • AroundHereAroundHere 3600 replies22 threads Senior Member
    The plural of anecdote is not data.

    The new "Direct to College" admission system is new this year -- so it's kind of a reset year as far as understanding what it takes to get into engineering. Hopefully before the next admissions cycle they will publish some stats as to who they admitted this year.
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