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Types of People that attend Udub

abbyness67abbyness67 0 replies2 threads New Member
Im trying to get a better sense of student life at UW.
If you could respond with an answer to a corresponding number below that would be awesome.
2.Party Scene
4.Academic Intensity
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Replies to: Types of People that attend Udub

  • catbird1catbird1 138 replies4 threads Junior Member
    Hi! I don't go to UW, but I know several people who are UW grads/current students.

    1-Politics: Most of Seattle is very, very liberal, and I don't believe UW is any different. (if there are any current students who want to correct me, go ahead!)

    2-Party Scene: It's a huge state school with super-popular sports teams and active Greek life. The party scene is definitely there if you want it. However, it's not difficult to avoid if you don't want it. That's the beauty of a campus with 30k undergrads...if your interests don't align with those of your friends, go find some different friends!

    3-Wealth: Again, with such a large student body, this is enormously variable. You're going to come across all types.

    4-Academic Intensity: It really depends on your major, as well as whether you're a candidate for the honors program.

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  • chrisb33chrisb33 22 replies2 threads New Member
    Hi, I do go to to the UW, I am a senior transfer student that does not live on campus and never has but here is my feedback on those topic.
    1. UW is very, very liberal!! But there has been several clashes with liberal and conservative on campus groups. But I would definitely say the primary representation on campus and the surrounding area is liberal.
    2. If you live on or near greek row the party scene is pretty active. That being said its pretty easy to avoid if you dont go near Greek row at night.
    3. I would agree on the other reply the wealth is pretty diverse. UW has something called the husky promise, that if you make below a certain wealth bracket then they helped with a lot, if not all, of your tuition. But I would definitely say wealth or lack of it does not define you as a student at UW. I have never ran into a group, class, professor, or opportunity at UW that separates people or treats people differently based on wealth.
    4. I can only really speak for STEM as that is the field I am directly involved in and it can be pretty intense. Most STEM majors are competitive to get into and they are all curved. Now for me the curve has only ever helped. But I have heard in many of the math classes, such a calculus, the curve is brutal. I have taken several history and english classes and I did find them pretty easy in comparison (and some of the professors have commented on they know that the academic difficulty of a STEM class vs. a humanity class is much different.). But I have only taken a handful compared to STEM classes. If you are a STEM major I would be happy to give you more info, if you want.
    Plus I can tell you more about UW life if you want more info.
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  • ucbalumnusucbalumnus 83438 replies741 threads Senior Member
    Academic intensity probably depends on whether one is an undeclared pre-[whatever] student trying to gain admission to a highly competitive major (e.g. computer science).
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  • UWfromCAUWfromCA 1336 replies54 threads Senior Member
    edited August 2017
    ^ 8-| Partially depends.
    edited August 2017
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