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Bad Junior Year...Quick Chance Please?

oliveannesleyoliveannesley 15 replies3 threads Junior Member
I believe my stats are decent overall, but my downward trend is still obvious, which is a huge bummer. I'm a rising senior but because of earlier applications this year, I suspect my senior grades won't be taken into account.

I am In-state :)

GPA: UW 3.82
(My school's Weighted GPA system is really weird...)
Fresh: 4.0
Soph: 3.87
Junior: 3.61

APs: 4 (Taking 5 next year)

SAT: 1480 (Taking again in August)

ECs: Soccer (8+ years-- not in school team, but advanced from Rec -> Select -> Premier)
Musical Theatre (2 yrs: We won state 1/120 my junior year)
Debate (3 yrs: Several regional awards, nothing big)

Volunteer Work: Hospital volunteering starting this summer (100+ hrs), Church volunteer (100+hrs), Debate Judge (30+), Misc (several hr+)

An EC and some drama withing it is a huge reason I tanked a lot of 2nd semester Junior year...also some family drama, but of course, it was dramatic relative to me so I think it should be duly noted.

Thanks so much for taking a look, fellow College folks!

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Replies to: Bad Junior Year...Quick Chance Please?

  • AroundHereAroundHere 3600 replies22 threads Senior Member
    Really hard to chance you without a major. Some majors are extremely competitive.
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  • halpmehplz99halpmehplz99 23 replies5 threads New Member
    You're fine lol

    You have good EC's to compemsate. Your GPA has a downwards trend but mine was worse (4.0→3.7→3.6→3.4) and I still got a DA into Biochem with Similar EC's (100+ hours at a hospital, 5+ years of leadership, 1st chair varsity violist etc etc etc).
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  • oliveannesleyoliveannesley 15 replies3 threads Junior Member
    I'm looking into Speech Therapy (very competitive) but that's not an option until I hit a certain credit standing, I believe. My parents didn't go to college here so I'm still learning about the college process, and I'm not sure how much my major will affect me if I can't apply until end of sophomore year-ish.
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  • AroundHereAroundHere 3600 replies22 threads Senior Member
    It looks like for admissions purposes you would be a general arts and sciences admissions. That's not one of the super hard ones to get into. It should be do-able. But, of course nothing is guaranteed.
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