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***Official UW Class of 2022 Decision Thread***


Replies to: ***Official UW Class of 2022 Decision Thread***

  • UWfromCAUWfromCA 1336 replies54 threads Senior Member
    edited January 2018
  • bogeyorparbogeyorpar 751 replies31 threads Member
    @UWfromCA , which ones are based on Merit only? Is the 'Honors scholarship" the only one?
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  • UWfromCAUWfromCA 1336 replies54 threads Senior Member
    Purple and Gold Scholarship:

    “Selection, by the Office of Admissions, is predominately academic, but also incorporates activities, achievements, leadership and socio-economic factors. The scholarship, which is not need-based, is renewable for four years as long as the recipient maintains good academic standing.”

    Additional scholarships:

    “The University also offers scholarship programs awarded through the UW Honors Program, Washington NASA Space Grant and many of our academic departments for freshmen (including non-resident students). Some of these scholarships are not need-based and do not require filing the FAFSA.”

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  • BoogeymanDoodleBoogeymanDoodle 27 replies1 threads Junior Member
    Chance me
    3.62 GPA Unweighted
    1400 SAT score
    Exceptional Essay/Background/Personal Hardship
    Running Start(3.51 GPA)
    Taking upto Calculus 2 and physics 221
    Worked since middle school(30 hours +)
    Will have AA and HS diploma at the same time

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  • PVanNessPVanNess 4 replies0 threads New Member
    UW GPA: 3.76
    School doesn't weight gpas
    ACT: 30
    SAT: 1350
    In State at top 10 HS
    5 APs: AP Gov, AP Calc AB, AP CS A, AP Physics C, AP Lit
    EC: 4 Year Varsity Rower (Captain Senior Year), Eagle Scout, Local School District STEM camp volunteer, NHS,
    Research Internship at UW Medicine, UW College Of Engineering ASM Material Camp participant.
    Awards: Biomedical Engineering Student of the Year (from my HS junior year), National Hispanic Recognition Program Scholar

    Very Solid Essays.

    Chance me? Applying for Engineering.
    Good luck to everyone!
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  • Tennisboy2022Tennisboy2022 106 replies0 threads Junior Member
    Hi I wanted to know if anybody got their uw net I'd.

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  • bogeyorparbogeyorpar 751 replies31 threads Member
    Nope, still haven't heard anything about UW portal.

    This got to be a national record -- application deadline 11/15, and no portal info until late-Jan. Are they always this late? Or is something wrong this year?
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  • Merapi42AMerapi42A 93 replies6 threads Junior Member
    Haven't heard anything too until now
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  • Tennisboy2022Tennisboy2022 106 replies0 threads Junior Member
    @bogeyorpar when I first submitted they emailed me saying I would get my net id in December then in the first week of December I got a mail saying due to our application surge we will send ur net id before mid-Jan and today is already Jan 16th. So I'm kinda of worried.
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  • bogeyorparbogeyorpar 751 replies31 threads Member
    As long as nobody has gotten the portal, nothing to worry about -- except, maybe, how much did the applications surge and how much will the admission rate drop.
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  • labegglabegg 2531 replies48 threads Senior Member
    UW doesn't release decisions until mid to late March, correct?
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  • celeste64celeste64 3 replies0 threads New Member
    Hey yall, I was looking for some advice regarding my application.. so I put my gpa on a 4.0 scale when i actually meant to put it on a 5.0. I also put that i took 0 science lab courses in high school on the coursework overview but i did put them on my profile coursework section. I was wondering if I should email first and see if they can help or should I just call the office of admissions to explain myself better?
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  • Tennisboy2022Tennisboy2022 106 replies0 threads Junior Member
    @labegg yes their filling period is from March 1st to March 15th. So you can a decision anytime in this bracket.
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  • Yoyoman112Yoyoman112 14 replies4 threads Junior Member
    Hi there, I was wondering if I could have some insight on whether or not I have a decent chance of getting in to UW.
    I am an in-state student at a fairly competitive high school. I want to eventually get into Fosters to study accounting. My stats are listed below.
    3.49 UW GPA
    33 ACT (Superscored)
    I have taken 6 semesters of honors classes and five APs; Microeconomics, Stats, and currently in Calculus AB, Gov, and Comp Sci A.
    My current classes are Physics, Foods 1, AP Government, AP Calculus AB, AP Computer Science A, and Senior Writing.
    I feel like both my diversity essay and main essay are quiet strong. My main selling point was that I had taken Latin for four years, two of which I studied every Saturday during the school year and summer. in the additional information I included that I have received multiple concussions for contact sports which made focusing and remembering class material very difficult. Other extracurricular achievements I have are:
    Studying Latin abroad in Italy for an immersion credit
    Receiving Gold and Silver awards on the National Latin Exam
    State qualifier for DECA
    Leader of Entrepreneur Club
    Won a programming competition in the Summer
    Wrote a research paper with my Grandma who is a professor
    Won an award for my AP Statistics project at my school.
    Thanks for your input!
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  • bogeyorparbogeyorpar 751 replies31 threads Member
    Still no portal? 10 days to the end of January ...
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  • uwhopeful2022uwhopeful2022 13 replies1 threads New Member
    I just checked the website and now it says we'll get emails for the NetID at the end of this month...
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  • labegglabegg 2531 replies48 threads Senior Member
    I suppose the ID/portal access is not particularly necessary until closer to the decision dates in March.
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  • bogeyorparbogeyorpar 751 replies31 threads Member
    @uwhopeful2022 , which web site did you check?

    @labegg, very true. If it's like any other portal, after checking reception of application materials, it has no use whatsoever until the day the decision comes out.
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  • CrazePhilCrazePhil 45 replies1 threads Junior Member
    Can anyone chance me?
    OOS from MA
    Computer Engineering
    4.16 WGPA (school does not do UW)
    6/303 (now 5th though)
    1410 SAT
    Emotional essay about personal hardship
    Some ECs are:
    Martial Arts
    Model UN (won awards)
    FIRST Robotics
    Robotics internship
    Silver medal at another robotics competition
    I am also German but I live in America if that makes any difference
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