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UW Computer Science Class of 2023 Stats

bleurozesbleurozes 6 replies2 threads New Member
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I decided to make this post because I got a lot of questions from juniors and I was surprised that my stats are very different than what many students are aiming for. I hope this helps next year's applicants.

SAT: 1530
GPA: 3.9 unweighted
APs: I took 3 in my junior year, and I'm taking 5 for my senior year. I did not submit any AP test scores.
Honors: All my classes since freshmen year have been Honors, except for the 8 APs mentioned.

I am taking AP Computer Science in senior year. I have 0 prior experience, and NONE of my extracurricular are CS related (or any STEM/technology for that matter)

Miscellaneous: I was accepted into the UW when I was 15, but I declined the offer because high school was a good time. I took a trig course there when I was 14, took a writing class, and participated in a Neuroscience summer program for youth, so I think the UW knows me pretty well.

For my extracurriculars, I did a lot of stuff involving art, politics, and culture. I hosted a fundraiser and was featured on local television (interviewed by King5). I was invited to exhibit my work in Seattle galleries. My "why do you want your major" was about a special idea I have..

I am accepted into UW Honors.

People ask me how many AP's I've taken, asking if 15-20 is enough. I don't think it's about overworking yourself, as you can see, I just decided to have some fun with what I love doing and I think that was good enough! But to be 100% honest I have no idea why they accepted me. I hope this helps. Am very grateful, and good luck to class of 2024 :)
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Replies to: UW Computer Science Class of 2023 Stats

  • DaleWatsonDaleWatson 1 replies2 threads New Member
    What was your class rank
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  • seattleUW2seattleUW2 22 replies1 threads Junior Member
    unweighted GPA 4.0
    rank: 1/250
    SAT: 1530
    SAT II: 800(math), 740(Chem)
    Washington resident (asian female)
    Running start (taking courses in college) with college courses
    in computer science (two programming courses and a data structure course), math (Calc III and discrete math), chem (2 courses), econ, etc. All A's.
    EC's: pretty normal -- president of key club, CS intern at a software company, etc.

    I feel that GPA is no 1 factor in getting into CSE. No 2 factor is that you put UW CSE as your no 1 choice (you will attend if admitted.).

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