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Help! Uw Rescind?

looloopoolooloopoo 0 replies1 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 1 New Member
Could someone take a look at my situation and tell me what you think my chances of being rescinded are? I feel like they will rescind me. I didn't make good choices during the second half of my year because of laziness and some personal problems. I only take 4 classes total. 3 classes at high school and 1 class at Bellevue College (Running Start). I got an F in AP Environmental Science and I failed my Bellevue College class so that's another F. I am really worried that UW will rescind me because I did work hard to get into college but I think I blew it. I was a straight A's with some A- and now I have 2 B's and 2 F's. Could you tell me the chances of being rescinded because this looks really bad. I was directly admitted to CS so can they rescind that as well? I've been worrying about this for the past few days and I haven't been able to sleep well.

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  • Qc0972053Qc0972053 12 replies3 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 15 Junior Member
    It says they have the right to withdraw the offer of admission if "You failed to maintain satisfactory scholastic standing in your coursework" at http://www.washington.edu/newhuskies/must-do/. I'm not sure how this applies to your situation. I would call the admissions office and ask them. They would probably give better information than anyone here. Best of luck to you! :)
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  • happy1happy1 22475 replies2196 discussionsForum Champion Parents, Forum Champion Admissions Posts: 24,671 Forum Champion
    The general rule on CC is to avoid D's, F's and felonies. If you failed half of your classes then I think there is a real chance you could be rescinded. I'd contact admissions, describe the situation, and see if you can do anything to remediate this (ex. retake classes over the summer etc.)
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