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Pros/Cons of UW Seattle’s CS program?

fourohfourerrorfourohfourerror 2 replies6 threads New Member
What do you like about UW and its CS program?
Do they treat the CS program with respect?
What are your least favorite parts of being a CS student at UW?
Are there long waistlists for classes?

Thanks for your input
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Replies to: Pros/Cons of UW Seattle’s CS program?

  • seattleUW2seattleUW2 22 replies1 threads Junior Member
    Nowadays, getting into a CS program is like buying a house: location, location, and location. UW CSE is still in its rising cycle, though it has been staying in nation's top 10 for decades. I guess, if the trend (of attracting more and more tech companies into Seattle area) continues, in 10 years, the only competitors to UW CSE would be Stanford and UCB --- MIT, CMU, UIUC will be out of the circle. By the way, I forget to mention that CS nowadays is no longer CS, it is more like multi-discipline engineering and multi-engineering science, with more emphasis on the engineering part. To maintain a quality body of CS students, the school must be surrounded with an environment where students are provided with hands-on opportunities -- UW exactly has it.
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  • seattleUW2seattleUW2 22 replies1 threads Junior Member
    edited October 2019
    for the upcoming week, there are three career fairs, one is mostly for CSE students (data science), and two are only open to CSE students (big companies, and startup companies). Some freshman kids got full time job in their first month at UW CSE!
    These resources are already worth the tuition paid.
    CONs? upper division courses will drive every student crazy, but this is norm for every top CS program. CS major is only for extremely hard workers, no exception. A typical CS student's life would be: short sleep, dining while working, working, working and working, project after project, for many years. I never see a successful CS student who is not sleepy. Oh, I am talking about kids with 4.0 high school GPA's and many other super smart kids. Once one gets into a top program like UW CSE, one finally realizes that a top in high school doesnt mean too much at all. One has to work hard, extremely hard. There is a reason why the country is still no 1 in CS in the world: CS professors like to train their students with exceptionally high expectations.
    edited October 2019
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