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Chance me for UW 2024

overclockedoverclocked 0 replies1 threads New Member
edited February 6 in University of Washington
Given the colleges I've been accepted into/denied from, UW is looking like one of my best options. I'm worried that I won't get in because of my GPA/ranking.

Rank, percentile rank, or percentile range (if available): 140/255
Comments about course load (including senior year): My school offers most classes starting at the honors level, so outside of electives and the first two years of French all of my classes besides my APs were honors. I will have taken 8 AP courses by the end of my high school career. Taking 3 APs and all but one honors in senior year. My grades are still weak even considering the challenging nature of my course load.
SAT (total and sections): 1430 (760 Reading/Writing, 670 Math)
SAT Subject Tests (if any): English Lit (690), US History (700). I don't think I sent these, it was just a one and done deal so that I could send them where it was required.
AP exams (scores in parentheses):
AP Human Geography (5)
AP Computer Science Principles (5)
AP Language and Composition (5)
AP US History (4)
AP Computer Science AB (3)
I'm currently taking:
AP English Literature and Composition
AP Statistics
AP Psychology
GPA: 3.1 UW, 4.2 W... very much my weak point. Went from As and Ds in junior year to straight As first quarter of senior year.


For the following, indicate level of recognition or award (e.g. local, state, national, international) and/or leadership roles:
I have been in a lot of clubs, but nothing too serious or career-oriented. The most important club that I have been in is my GSA (Gender and Sexuality Alliance) which I went to for 3 years (wasn't out of the closet freshman year) and became the co-president of this year, tripling its membership by focusing on intraclub connection and finding new members.
Improv Club (2 years)
Anime Club
Founding member of my school's branch of Rho Kappa, a national organization that is a social studies honors society. I am its secretary this year, and it only came into being last year.
Drama (2 years, acting and lighting, my school won the second highest award for a recent district-wide competition with a production I had a part in)
Music program (2 years)
Volunteer/Community service:
Most of my volunteering has come from the GSA. My school's GSA runs the district GSA
summits where we discuss and meet other LGBT people from around the area. It is the
largest of these summits in area and attendance continues to grow. I don't have that many hours. Around 60-80.
Summer Activities:
Duke TIP program (2 years): this is one of the most formative things I did. It is a selective search program and those who qualify live on campus at a college for 3 weeks in the summer, taking classes at a college level. I qualified in middle school but both went both years in high school.

Essays (topics, details): From the people who have read my essay, it seems to be a 10/10. I am trying not to oversell myself, but I worked on it for a long time and I love writing essays and things like that. I wrote my essay mostly about the complicated struggle of self improvement-- not viewing it as a straight slope upwards but of a process with ugly points and downfalls. It was mainly about certain things I face such as being trans with unsupportive parents and also being jealous of my friend who was farther along in transitioning than I am. I wrapped it up with how I am at a better point than I was and how I hope to help people now that I am in this position.

Out of state
State (if domestic applicant): Florida
High school type: Public high school, magnet, #1 in a big county.

Gender: Transgender male, nonbinary.
Race/ethnicity: White American

Applied for need-based financial aid?: Yes
My family is upper middle income.

Highest level of parent education: Masters
Living with both, one, or no parents?: One

I wanted to put other colleges I've been accepted into as a benchmark, but I'm not sure if it would help at all. Let me know if I should add them.
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