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Questions bout Washington

Tim_ND08Tim_ND08 2229 replies234 threads Senior Member
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Hey everyone..
I'm starting to finalize my list of colleges and I was wondering if any of the current students could answer the following questions??

1. How is the intramural program? Do a lot of kids participate?
2. How would you rate the campus beauty?
3. On the scale of 1-10 how would you rate your teachers, as in availability and such?
4. How do you like the city ?
5. 1-10 party school....one being dry 10 being absolutly crazy
6. How is the student body support toward sports teams?
7 Your overall expierence so far? 1-10
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Replies to: Questions bout Washington

  • chillax88chillax88 356 replies57 threads Member
    im not a student but i live in the area so i think i can field #4 and #6

    4- as long as you can put up with a long rainy season (early october-mid april) you will like seattle. there is a ton to do and the place is generally beautiful

    6- when the football team is winning or the basketball team is there is a ton of school spirit. even for less popular sports there is still quite a following. see baseball, crew, soccer.
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  • seahawkcityseahawkcity 74 replies7 threads Junior Member
    1. Pretty good. The most popular one now is ultimate frisbee. In the spring softball teams will pop up everywhere. I think there's like 8 or so organized intramural sports now but you could do leagues and clubs for many others.

    2. Simply stunning. Right now it's been 70 degrees everyday so it's perfect. I'm about to go play tennis on one of the half dozen or so lighted tennis courts right next to the dorms. Plus there are trees and green grass everywhere. For the majority, the architecture is beautiful. I couldn't think of a more pleasant walk between classes.

    3. Right now maybe a 6-7. The teachers and TA's each have office hours but they're usually only 1-2 hours in a week. However you could always email them and they do respond with help.

    4. Seattle is increadible. You could spend an entire day just walking around and have a great time. Plus there are tons of concerts including a massive local scene. Not to mention the Mariners, Sonics and SEAHAWKS.

    5. It's not rediculous, but not at all dry. I can't say that it really compares to ASU. I guess it's about a 6.5.

    6. It's really a big deal. Pretty much everyone goes to the football games and the basketball games get sold out.

    7. 9
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  • crazyschtickcrazyschtick 43 replies1 threads Junior Member
    I would second everything seahawkcity said, but he forgot to mention some great things about campus for seniors making up their minds:

    1. UW has a state-of-the-art fitness center with more club and intramural sports than you can imagine (kendo, cycling, kayaking). There's a climbing wall, a boating center where you can inexpensively rent canoes and kayaks, weight-training facility, work-out machines with individual video screens. And it's all free to UW students!

    2. Campus is spectacular, architecture with a few exceptions is beautiful.

    3. 8.0 for teachers, 6.0 for TAs. However, for a lot of the larger classes, extra tutoring is widely available outside of office hours at late-night sessions at the Center for Learning and Undergraduate Education (CLUE).

    4. Seattle is one of the top cities in America, both culturally and in terms of physical beauty. Clubs are pumping out fresh music literally every night of the week (just pick up a local tabloid), there's a great intellectual scene if you're into that sort of thing, lots of interesting restaurants everywhere. Even in winter, the city is absolutely beautiful.

    5. UW has its share of parties, and there's a wide network of house parties around Seattle that can be found via Craigslist. However, the cops have begun a major crackdown on the Greek system lately, so parties are more discrete than they once were. The city also will soon be banning cheap liquor in most neighborhoods, and a new ordinance has banned lap dances in strip clubs within the city limits (no joke!). Add to this the state smoking ban, and you would think you're in Salem, not Seattle. But if you're looking for a party, it won't be very hard to find at UW.
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