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CC AdminCC Admin Administrator Posts: 32,346 Senior Member
edited November 2004 in University of Washington
Hi i was wondering if anyone knew which dorms:
1. have the best social scene
2. have the most hot guys?
3. have the best fascilities?
4. are the newest?
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Replies to: UW dorms

  • jlaws30jlaws30 Registered User Posts: 68 Junior Member
    You need more than one hot guy?
  • DopkeDopke Registered User Posts: 177 Junior Member
    Terry got a new cafe in place of their old cafeteria, much better food, but also costs more.
  • JJKittyJJKitty Registered User Posts: 360 Member
    this is some information someone there emailed me

    In general all of the dormitories have study rooms. Whether they're
    effective or not is an entirely dependent on the physical structure, RA
    (resident advisor) policy, and capacity of such rooms. All of the
    have regulations on how much noise a resident can create, and if it
    excessive at any time, or noise permeates outside of your room during
    hours", a RA will probably come down and ask the offender to stop.
    constitutes as "excessive" is entirely dependent on building due to
    structure. The RA only has access to walk in the public areas and
    halls so
    if the noise does not penetrate to those areas, they won't hear it.
    will, however, answer to all complaints, and sometimes they can be
    oppressive. I would also refer you to the UW housing brochure - if I
    remember correctly they have a list of official 'features' of each
    dormitory, which is relatively true, but I will go into detail of what
    don't include in there (which you should keep in mind because they
    only advertise the upside to things, not the downside).

    All of the resident halls should be equipped with 10-BaseT Ethernet
    so you should bring a computer with a network card/port. This is about
    fastest internet you will probably see for a long time (and free as
    If you live outside of the UW dorms, internet, of course, is not free,
    you will have to arrange your own connection. I believe that at this
    there is a private apartment building that is managed by UW is now
    with Ethernet, but they do not fall under UW dorm regulations (only
    under UW
    housing regulations) as they are essentially private apartments, only
    *managed* by UW. I forgot the name, but you may want to inquire about
    "apartment building between Schmitz Hall and Terry/Lander".

    Regarding social life, it really depends on the people obviously, but I
    characterize the social potential based on the # of people you will
    with on a normal basis.

    I will give each hall a nickname, as to picture which halls best fit
  • JJKittyJJKitty Registered User Posts: 360 Member
    Haggett Hall [Frango Box] - rooms are hexagonal, quite unique for this
    building. Each floor has a limited set of these hexagonal rooms, and
    generally quiet. Each floor has about 3 rooms each side per division,
    about 6 rooms total with about 12 occupants per division. There may be
    divisions per floor. Generally, I believe this is one of the least
    halls. Social life is moderately active as you interact with about
    people on this floor. Bathrooms are shared by all members of the
    At the time I was there, floors can be co-ed, but each division was
    generally same sex.

    Haggett Hall and McMahon Hall have shared basements which is also the
    cafeteria dining area. The cafeteria in this area is fairly huge with
    group conference rooms in each, and is one of my favorite places to eat
    I have classes nearby this area.

    McMahon Hall [Cluster] - double-rooms are fairly small but a unique
    advantage to this hall is that 4 rooms form a private cluster with a
    common meeting lounge area. Consider this a "5th" room, where you can
    put a
    fridge, tables, etc here. The noise is limited to whatever your
    clustermates' output, and generally you will interact with your
    the most often. There are 3-4 rooms (with 2 people in it) per cluster,
    totaling 6-8. Bathrooms are shared by people per cluster, and is
    within your own cluster, so it's the most 'private' bathroom
    Members within the same clusters are same-sex. However a floor, which
    contain 6-10 clusters, are effectively co-ed if you count across
    Terry Hall [Socialite Haven] - typical dorm hall, essentially a row of
    rooms on each side. The noise can be noisy due to the sheer number of
    people. There are, however, designated silent areas in the basement
    it's usually a decent place. I stayed in Terry Hall for 3 years, and
    problems with noise with next-door tenants (smoking hall, usually the
    rowdy), but when I moved to a different floor, the entire floor was
    relatively silent (except weekends). However, Terry Hall offers one of
    largest double-rooms any dorm can offer, and has a great social life.
    Typically there are about 10 rooms each side, totaling 20 rooms. About
    people per floor, but the dorm is essentially segregated to two floors
    a public meeting room and stairwell that joins two floors) so you can
    up to 60-80 people to hang out with on a normal basis from these two
    Most of the RAs have a reputation of taking advantage of this and
    many group outings or activities which work out fine (for instance, my
    [who is an outdoorsman] scheduled a REI campout to camp the REI store
    for 24
    hours to wait for their used sale where you can buy almost anything at
    off). The duo-floor is conveniently arranged so that one floor has all
    males, the other floor has all females. This building has 11 floors,
    with the exception of the 1st floor (reserved for people with
    requirements), the duo-floors are grouped as is: 2-3, 4-5, 6-7.. etc.
    Generally the even floors are female, and odd floors are male.
    are shared among all occupants on a floor and is the largest set, but
    should get used to sharing the same shower / bathroom with 20-30
    The showers/bathrooms for women require a key, something you may want
    to get
    used to.

    Terry Hall and Lander Hall share basement floors and also has a common
    dining area. Cafeteria is medium-sized and is not as nice in terms of
    as McMahon-Haggett, but I found no problems with it.

    Lander Hall [Barracks] have these really small doorways, and tend to
    people in small rooms. However, the hallway space is fairly big.
    Hall is essentially like Terry Hall except smaller and older (Terry
    Hall is
    one of the more recent build dorms).

    East/West Mercer Hall [Dungeon] - really old, really cramped, and the
    smallest rooms/closets you can find on earth. My best friend lived
    here for
    a year before wising up and rooming with me in Terry Hall and then
    Court. The walls are all brick (and hot during sunny days), and the
    hallways are dark and stuffy, something you'd see in a horror movie.
    are no dining facilities, and students must walk two blocks to
    to get food. The advantage is that this dorm is virtually silent,
    due to the lack of anything that encourages social interaction.

    Hansee Hall - these are essentially single private rooms (unless they
    changed resident arrangements, which is not surprising due to
    When I was there, this hall had 24-hour silent rules, meaning it is
    to be quiet all the time regardless of the time of day and day of the
    Generally, 2nd year or older students live here as it is ideal for
    straight-shooter studiers..

    Stevens Court - resident apartments, they fall under the UW housing
    and is generally reserved for 2nd year+ students. First-come,
    I lived here in my 4th and 5th year and it was great. They're
    essentially 4
    room apartments with a kitchen, bathroom, and everything else you'd
    in a typical apartment. You may choose to have a meal plan or not
    (kitchen). Since this is an apartment and not dormitory, I would
    encourage looking into this, and compare price rates. The price hike
    is not
    too bad either. Noise/social life is generally independent on the
    person as
    these are 4 person apartments.

    2040 House - refer to the brochure, I am not 100% sure what this house
    for but I believe it's a house for about 20 students and is possibly
    for only study-attuned folk.

    > Dorms:

    > Which dorms are the quiet study dorms?
    Although I have not lived in all of them, I would assume that the
    (quiet-loud)would rank like this:
    Hansee >> 2040 House >> Mercer Hall >> Haggett >> Steven's Court >>
    >> Lander >> Terry

    > Which are the social ones?
    Terry >> Lander >> McMahon >> Haggett >> Steven's Court >> 2040 House
    Mercer >> Hansee

    Which are nicest?
    2040 House (unknown, never been there)
    Steven's Court >> Hansee >> Terry >> Haggett >> McMahon >> Lander >>

    > What are the pros, cons and prices of each?
    (see above descriptions)

    > Are there are honors dorms? If so how do they compare?
    (possibly 2040 House, I believe this house is reserved for those with a
    common interest, and that may be in a particular field of study, so it
    be honor-oriented)
    There are no "honors dorms" as anyone can apply to any dorm, however
    typically find the most studious persons in Hansee because they're
    single rooms with older students. If you're a person that likes a mix
    interaction but wants a controlled study environment, then I suggest
    McMahon, Terry, and Steven's Court.

    > Is the internet and cable in the dorms free? > If not, how much is
    All dorms by 2004 should have free Ethernet 10base-T ports. You would
    wise to take advantage of this. UW is one of the leading Ethernet /
    internet research facilities in the world (in part due to Microsoft),
    World Wide Web 2 experiments under way, so it would be a joke for them
    not support Ethernet for students.

    > How big are the dorms?
    If you count "dorms" as your person room plus any limited common area
    restricted to your group:
    2040 House >> Hansee >> Steven's Court >> McMahon >> Terry >> Haggett >
    Lander >> Mercer

    > How is coed and single sex dorms arranged?

    2040 House - unknown, guessing co-ed
    Haggett - floors are co-ed, divisions are not
    Terry - floors are same sex, interfloors are co-ed
    Lander - unknown (co-ed I believe)
    Mercer - unknown (same sex I believe by floor)
    Hansee - co-ed
    Steven's Court - same sex within same apartment, unless married, entire
    court is very co-ed

    > What comes with the dorms?
    Basic furniture, cabinet, table, chair, possibly nightstand, etc. Bed
    obviously included. You need to bring your own linens.
  • DopkeDopke Registered User Posts: 177 Junior Member
    You forgot McCarty. I heard McCarty is just as good if not better than Terry/Lander regarding space and comfort-ness. (It has carpet) and it's double rooms are same or bigger than the Terry/Lander.

    You can see what UW says here:
  • CC AdminCC Admin Administrator Posts: 32,346 Senior Member
    Thank you so much for the comments! you have no idea how much that helped me! do you know if theres room for everyone to live in dorms all 4 years at UW? And how common is that vs. renting an apartment?
  • DopkeDopke Registered User Posts: 177 Junior Member
    Are you going to be an incoming freshman for fall 05? I am, hopefully... :)
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