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Which Running Start classes does UW accept?

transplantedtransplanted 13 replies3 threads New Member
edited October 2007 in University of Washington
Before our student registers for Running Start classes it would be helpful to know which classes UW accepts and which classes we should avoid?
Anyone with experience in this area?
Is there any logic one way or another regarding completing the AA via Running Start?
edited October 2007
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Replies to: Which Running Start classes does UW accept?

  • parabellaparabella 532 replies1 threads Member
    My S took some RS classes at WSU ( a year worth of UW classes altogether) . All of his classes were accepted at UW. None of them counted for his Honors reqs, but his PoliSci clases counted towards his major, Calc classes satisfied the math reqs in his second major, and so on. We know nothing about the AA degree( S's classes were not at CC but at a Uni) .
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  • tennis07tennis07 63 replies11 threads Junior Member
    I received my AA through RS last year. This is my first year at the UW and I'm considered as a "junior." It's pretty nice because I have all the general requirements completely done (the huge plus is that it saves MONEY and time) and once I started here, I had a pretty good idea of what I wanted to major in (right now all I'm focusing on is getting the major pre-reqs out of the way so that I can apply next quarter). When you're aiming to get your AA, you have to take a wide range of classes, so eventually you figure out what sorts of classes you like/don't like. I'm fairly sure that the UW accepts all classes. All of mine seemed to have transferred over just fine.

    If your son/daughter has a really good idea of what he/she wants to major in and wants to fulfill the major pre-reqs through the community college, I'd highly suggest going here:


    It shows which classes at the CC are equivalent to the pre-req classes at the UW.

    Overall, I totally recommend RS...I took classes that you don't typically see offered at a high school. The only drawback I suppose about getting your AA is the pressure of declaring your major right after a quarter in of your first year.
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  • parabellaparabella 532 replies1 threads Member
    I second tennis07 remarks. RS was a great thing for S. It helped him to figure out what he wants to do in college( cross out the biochem, bring in polisci and econ) , saved us money and him time ( he is on his way to graduate in 4 years with two majors plus Honors while taking 15 credits per quarter, so there is time for ECs, sports, concerts and so on) .
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  • transplantedtransplanted 13 replies3 threads New Member
    Excellent. Thank you both for sharing your experiences and the info. It's very helpful.
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  • tennis07tennis07 63 replies11 threads Junior Member
    No problem. Let me know if you want to know anything about RS. I absolutely loved it. I had the greatest teachers there. :)
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