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One last chance....

vc08vc08 3188 replies152 threads Senior Member
edited October 2007 in University of Washington
Uno mas, por favor!

white, OOS (CA)

First SAT: 1940 (W: 670, CR: 660, M: 610)
Second SAT: have not received scores, but pretty sure they're over 2000
ACT: 29 (34 eng., 32 writing, 30 math, 28 reading, 25 sci.)

GPA: 3.97/4.0 UW, 4.17 W
junior year GPA: 4.33, 4.5 (semester system)

Rank: 4/331 (school is not incredibly competitive, is overall somewhat economically disadvantaged)

APs: AP Euro (A/A): 3
AP English(A/A): 4
AP U.S.(A/A): 5
Honors Pre-Calc: (B/A)

Senior yr. sched.: AP Economics, AP Calculus, Honors. Physiology, AP Govt., and AP Lit. and Comp.

-NMS qualifier
-captain, varsity tennis and soccer
-all-league team, varsity tennis, soccer, and track
-founding member of 2 school clubs, including NHS and another one to help exploited children in Uganda and the Sudan, as well as the debate team
-President, CA Scholarship Federation (similar to NHS)
-through this I led collection drives for at-risk kids in 3 different countries...
-First alternate, CA Girls' State
-Presidential Classroom delegate, Georgetown University
-Participant, World Scholar-Athlete Games, captained soccer team
-did physical therapy internship
-worked as tutor for mentally handicapped teenager

CS: over 250 hours

also, do I have ANY chance at the honors program? I realize it's pretty slim, but I don't know what the normal qualifications or whatever are.
edited October 2007
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Replies to: One last chance....

  • MoominmamaMoominmama 807 replies20 threads Member
    Well, if it were up to me, I'd admit you! You seem like a very strong candidate -- the only problem is being OOS. I don't know if they have a certain number of slots they reserve for OOS students, or what.

    As for honors, go for it! It doesn't cost any more to apply, just (I think)requires an additional essay.

    Good luck, and keep us posted. Is UW your first choice? Where else are you applying?
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  • kilgallon_kkilgallon_k 52 replies14 threads Junior Member
    I'm OOS and I got in to UW with very similar stats. Just write some convincing essays and you should get in no problem.
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  • vc08vc08 3188 replies152 threads Senior Member
    thanks! anyone else?
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  • SidraSidra 139 replies12 threads Junior Member
    Yeah, UW isn't harsh against OOS.
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  • Proud HuskyProud Husky 249 replies5 threads Junior Member
    You have good stats, and if you have great essays, it'd be sort of surprising for you not to get into UW. But then again stats aren't everything. For honors, that's even more so. The key for honors is the essay. If you have the best stats in the world, but you don't have an essay that is just filled with your passion to learn, to challenge, and to think critically on high levels, then honors may not admit you. I know lots of 4.0 students (even one with a 36 on his ACT) who didn't get into honors, so definitely work on that essay so that you show a hunger to learn and not just join honors because it's another nice thing to add to your resume or because "it will be a nice challenge." Good luck!
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  • nikrudnikrud 209 replies18 threads Junior Member
    ^^Hi Proud Husky!! D is LOVING UW!!!
    OP-My D had very similar stats and was OOS as well. Her essays were strong, but much more importantly, IMO, is to apply early!!! I cannot stress that enough. She had her app in by Thanksgiving and had an answer by Christmas. However, she did not apply to honors, I think we were under the impression for OOS the ACT cut off score was 30. I could be wrong, tho. But I do know this info is on their web site.
    She is loving every minute of life at UW, I just got back from visiting her. She did the EFS program, which came highly recommended by the people here, and I really believe that made her transition seamless!
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  • vc08vc08 3188 replies152 threads Senior Member
    thanks so much for the insight proudhusky and nikrud! in fact, as soon as i can actually go home, i plan on sending in my app. ph: i really tried to make my essay about what you talked about, fortunately. it's kindof about my transition into becoming a passionte student, rather than one who just studies for grades, and what led me to make that transition. nikrud: glad your daughter loves it! i'll definitely let you know how things turn out :)
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