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University of Washington, Seattle DORMS (incoming freshman)

khrrrkhrrr 1 replies2 threads New Member
Hello there!
I will be attending UW next fall and I'm plannign to live on campus.
My interests are computer science and slavics literature & languages.
which dorm would you recommend and why? I heard that spots where
freshmen live are mostly noisy and annoying because these new students
think that they're in college for the party..... If those rumors are true, I don't
want to be in that environment. However I hate silence as well as noize...
Where could I have easier access to places where to hang out (I don't mind walking or jogging to that spot), which dorms have better views & conditions? I also heard that some students dont have free internet connection at their place...Where's is that? I sure don't want to live there. Last question for today, what should I do to reserve a spot in the dorm that I want? Probably it's pretty hard to get where you want, obviously I'm not the only one who plans to do so lol
Please help!
Thank you!!!

P.S. My family member will fly from Europe to Seattle to visit me this summer, would I be able to organize him a little tour and show my grandpa where I'll live in college, is that allowed?
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Replies to: University of Washington, Seattle DORMS (incoming freshman)

  • Sherstas199Sherstas199 65 replies13 threads Junior Member

    mcmahon: great view, cluster-format if you prefer more privacy, the 8, closest dorm to campus, balconies, share a bathroom with only 7-9 other people, all rooms are doubles or singles, more upperclassman, good food but highest prices on campus
    terry: very social, good view of space needle, 1101 is downstairs, 2con is open late, big lounge area with piano, co-ed floors, people leave their doors open so it's easy to meet others
    lander: pretty much the same as terry but all freshman, which i would recommend if you're a freshman b/c it's a lot easier to meet people
    haggett: octogonal rooms, good view, field of dreams
    mccarty: ian's is downstairs, close to greek row
    mercer: can't think of any


    mcmahon: fairly un-social halls b/c of the cluster format and the doors to the clusters remain closed and locked at all times, you only get to know your clustermates well and not that many people on your floor, slow elevators, terrible breakfast, north tower only has one shower per cluster
    terry: sharing a bathroom with 70 other people with only 6 showers, half the rooms are triples, 1101 food is mostly terrible but good breakfast compared to the 8
    lander: same as terry
    haggett: no dining area
    mccarty: kind of far from campus, have to walk to mcmahon to eat
    mercer: DUNGEON ROOMS, small closets, smallest rooms, farthest from campus, uphill walk to eat at 1101, some single-gender floors

    for freshman i would go: lander, terry, mcmahon, mccarty, haggett, mercer, in that order
    sophomores +: mcmahon, terry, mccarty, haggett, mercer. lander=n/a.

    hope that helps
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  • Sherstas199Sherstas199 65 replies13 threads Junior Member
    also, all dorms have internet connection in the room as far as i know
    i don't believe freshman can reserve dorm rooms. you give your preferences but they assign you to a room. the earlier you apply for housing the better chance you have to get into the dorm you want.
    tours of campus are available all year round
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  • Ceetie BeeCeetie Bee 91 replies1 threads Junior Member

    Do you know what athletic housing is like? As in which hall the athletes are normally placed? For the team I'm going to be on, they try to match you with a roommate who's also on the team, so I was wondering if all of the athletes tend to be living somewhat close together.
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  • Sherstas199Sherstas199 65 replies13 threads Junior Member
    ive heard that most athletes are in mcmahon, but im not really sure about that.
    i know jake locker lived there last year. haha
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