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Chances at the University of Washington? (c.o. 2014)

Dr. NietzscheDr. Nietzsche 3 replies2 threads New Member
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Here are my stats:

Note: I go to a public HS in WA state; For my junior and sophomore years of high school, I was accepted into an early college program through Eastern Washington University, where I take 17 credits per quarter of college classes with tenured professors and matriculated college students. Classes count for both high school and college credit. It wasn't easy to get into either....

AP sophomore LA (A)
Honors general sci (A)
German 1 and 2 (A)
Guitar (B+)
Orchestra (A)
Honors Algebra 1 and 2 (A-)
Individual sports (A)
World History (A)

Pre AP soph LA (A-)
AP US History (B+)
German (A-)
Honors Chem (C+...I know, very bad X:)
Geometry (A-)
Psychology (A-)
Passages (A-)
Cardio Fit (A)

Summer Before Junior Year:

AP Government through JSA program at Georgetown University (B)

Junior: (All junior and senior classes are university classes taught by professors at Eastern Washington University)

English 101 (3.9)
Psych 100 (3.7)
University Ballet (4.0)
Pre Calc I (3.0)
Pre Calc II (4.0)
German 102 (3.7)
Engl 201 (4.0)
Ballet (4.0)
Western Lit (3.3)
Psychology 101 (4.0)

Summer Before senior year:

Calculus I (?)
Current Events (A+)

Calc II (?)
Pre medical biology 1 (?)
Advanced German 1 (?)
Ballet (?)
Calc III (?)
Pre medical biology 2 (?)
Advanced German 2 (?)
Ballet (?)
Differential Equations (?)
Pre medical biology 3 (?)
Advanced German 3 (?)

Was accepted into and participated in the Junior State of America Summer School last summer at Georgetown University in Washington D.C. It was three weeks long, where I took AP Govt, met senators and debated current issues.

Volunteered for local hospital as a licensed pharmacy assistant and delivered medications to patients.

I worked since last feb. as a staff writer in news/ reporter for the Eastern Washington University newspaper, and started this at 16 years old. My boss doesn't know how old I am. I will continue this job next year.

I just completed a surgeon job shadow at Sacred Heart Medical Center. There were 50 applicants, 4 were chosen, and I miraculously got in somehow. lol. That was very cool.

I was also accepted into the Yale University Junior State program two weeks from now...I am awaiting word from my parents as to whether or not I can go this year. ><

Worked as a library intern the summer before last.

I am going to write a book this summer.


Cross country sophomore year
Violinist in Orchestra (at University too)
Job hopefully
Junior State of America (well, only for one year :) )
Hope to do a really cool senior project involving my Columbia University physics professor and biology.

Staff Writer/reporter for The Easterner

Don't have my SAT I results yet. I will retake it in October. I have a bad feeling about it though....):

Here comes the bad part...my GPA is only a 3.58 at this point. I will work very hard to raise it. IT'S GOING UP. I'm a perfectionist, but I don't want to set myself up for failure. Please let me know if I can get into a top school, or if I just be realistic and start looking at state colleges.

I just took the SAT but I wasn't in tiptop shape (family problems before it--didn't study, it was only a dry run), and I got an 1880. I know that's really low for the schools I want. However, I know that I can raise my score; I want at least a 2100, and I'm studying over the summer.

P.S. I am a white female.
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