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Give me your honest opinion and I'll chance you.

ilikeUWilikeUW 1054 replies73 threads Senior Member
edited July 2009 in University of Washington
You can chance me if you want, but I still have junior year to start and finish so it would be kind of vague.

I just recently finished 10th grade. Here is my info.


I live in WA, thankfully.

GPA- 3.167 (unweighted) (School doesn't do uw/w)

Course highlights:
9th grade: honors science, French II
10th grade: honors biology/chemistry (1 class), honors world history, honors language arts, French III
11th grade (future): I plan to take AP psychology, AP US, AP language, and possible French IV
12th grade (future): Kind of unclear right now, but: AP gov, AP Environmental Science, AP something

1. One of the leaders of a committee (we make produce events for the community)
2. in a club (I plan to take some sort of leadership this following year)
3. in a committee (stated earlier)
4. volunteer for Foodbank (a place that supports struggling families)
5. I play tennis, but not in any organization so I don't know if it counts.
6. overview= roughly 112 hours of community service

1.I have been offered a trip to Washington D.C. for the Congressional Student Leadership Conference (2009)
2. Most Likely to Succeed Award (2009)

Plans: Increase GPA to 3.4/3.5, More service hours, more leadership roles in clubs

So tell me if I'm on the right track... if it is extremely necessary for me to raise my GPA... what else should I do to ensure my acceptance to UW.

Thanks I'll chance back. Honest opinions only. Post link to your chance!
edited July 2009
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Replies to: Give me your honest opinion and I'll chance you.

  • ObiwankenobiObiwankenobi 162 replies19 threads Junior Member
    Bro, its too early to tell in sophomore year.
    But one thing: being Asian will hurt you a LOT in college admissions. Make sure you score at least 50 over the average SAT scores or you don't stand a chance. Btw, keep on doing tennis, and join a club, it would look especially good if you letter in it.
    Oh yeah one more thing, don't emphasize in your application on how you attended the Congressional Student Leadership Conference. They send out invitations to tooooooooooo many people. I mean, put it on your college application to show that you did something that summer, but don't write your college application essay on it.
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  • ilikeUWilikeUW 1054 replies73 threads Senior Member
    obiwankenobi, I said I got offered the trip, didn't go on it... and yeah I know a lot of people did it. And really, being Asian hurts my chances? Although we aren't a minority anymore, race isn't THAT big of a deal, I just put it because I see everyone else does -_-. And I did say that it was vague already... whatever, I mean, you're telling me stuff that you got from misinterpretation. And SATs should be way higher then 50+ of the current average. I can get 2000+.
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  • PikachiuPikachiu 47 replies3 threads Junior Member
    I think you're on the right track. Definitely take APs and raise your GPA, aim for ~3.5.
    I wouldn't say being asian really "hurts" your chances but I think the school will think "oh, another asian with the typical asian stuff." It's not like you can stop being asian lol so it's nothing to worry about... but something to make you stand out from other typical asians would help. Basically, anything that'll make you stand out from the rest.
    You still have one more year to go before you apply, focus on what you're already doing and make sure it's stuff you like doing not because it looks good.
    Don't know if this will be the same or not but I remember on the UW app, the section where you write about your ECs, they gave room for only 5 things and tells you to talk about them. There wasn't a word limit on that. It's easy to say the usual stuff "this made be a leader/better person/considerate......" but I think it's also important to show that you truly enjoyed doing those things.
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  • ilikeUWilikeUW 1054 replies73 threads Senior Member
    Oh really, interesting!
    Pikachiu, do you think it'd be a good idea to have all 5 lines filled in...?

    Because I really don't have 5 SOLID set in stone extracurriculars that I could write passionately about. I have like 3.
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  • ObiwankenobiObiwankenobi 162 replies19 threads Junior Member
    on the average thing, not the national average, the school average. WashU's is definitely in the mid 2100's. Being Asian do hurt, because you're going to be compared to other Asians. Btw, you can't "ensure" an acceptance at WashU. Our class valedictorian last year was accepted at Harvard and Yale, but was rejected from WashU. Another heads up, WashU application is long, especially if you apply for scholarships. and there is a pre-application.
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  • spaceneedlespaceneedle 415 replies0 threads Member
    I think you're good to go if you get the gpa up a bit and score 2000+. and being in-instate, your chances are very good.
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  • wakesnowboard17wakesnowboard17 72 replies10 threads Junior Member
    Obiwan- There were many things wrong with your post, no offense. first off, are you sure you are on the right school's board? are you sure you don't mean washington university st. louis? because first off, it is the university of washington, not washington university or "WashU". Also, the Sat average is definitely not 2100+ at uw, that is just ridiculous. uw is a good school, but not an ivy league or anything. Also, the app isnt that long, i finished it in one day and i did no "pre-application".
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  • PikachiuPikachiu 47 replies3 threads Junior Member
    ilikeUW- I think it's definitely a good idea to fill all the spaces (not sure if it was required) blanks would just look awkward. plus they only ask specifically for 5 so they probably expect 5. if you have 3 already that's good, you have time to try more stuff.
    the activities I wrote about weren't all things I loved, I mean I liked them but I wasn't passionate about all of them, with those I wrote kind of like a reflection. if you're good at writing, be creative but also sincere. when I was doing college apps, for parts that gave me space to write, when I re-read what I wrote I always think to myself, "hmm if I were the admin, would I fall asleep reading this?" lol.
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  • ilikeUWilikeUW 1054 replies73 threads Senior Member
    obiwankenobi, you are definitely in the wrong place... UW average is like 1800, somewhere around there, not in the 2100s...... and now Im confused if race actually matters... hmm
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  • thewuthewu 163 replies43 threads Junior Member
    race doesn't matter as much at the UW compared to other universities. but, it's not entirely race blind like the UC system.

    aim for an SAT 1900 or higher and you'll be safe.
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  • StevenSeagalStevenSeagal - 1398 replies39 threads Member
    Possibly so
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  • sf88sf88 25 replies1 threads New Member
    i can't see why you wouldn't get in? some people told me they got in with around 3.0-3.4
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  • ilikeUWilikeUW 1054 replies73 threads Senior Member
    Yeah sf88, but those people usually have crazy stats elsewhere like in extracurriculars.

    I'm just studying like crazy for the SAT right now.
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  • ObiwankenobiObiwankenobi 162 replies19 threads Junior Member
    ooppps sorry guys.
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