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How Tough is Direct Admission from HS into UW Colleges of Eng, CS, Business?

PrincessPeaPrincessPea 26 replies5 threads Junior Member
edited July 2009 in University of Washington
I think the title says it all lol! I'm asking this on behalf of the ds, who I try to keep off CC, so he won't become obsessed.

We probably all know that certain colleges at UW, like CS or Business, accept a small number of kids directly out of high school into their colleges/majors. I've read the UW site and realize it's difficult to do. For example, CS says to be competitive for consideration: a 3.8 GPA minimum, taking or have taken Calculus, a Physics background, etc. A counselor for CS told the ds that the SATs for the small number accepted was around CR 700, M 700. They still don't look too closely at the writing score, though that may change down the road.

Anybody know anybody who was a direct admit into any of these colleges, or were you yourself? Seems like it would be a good thing, not having to worry about being accepted into your major and having access to upper division classes earlier on. Any other advantages?
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Replies to: How Tough is Direct Admission from HS into UW Colleges of Eng, CS, Business?

  • compactrunnercompactrunner 195 replies5 threads Junior Member
    I have several friends who were direct admit into various programs:

    Myself into chemical engineering: 3.988 gpa (3/409 class rank), 750 Math, 750 CR
    Two friends into CSE with similar stats: 3.95 gpa (top ten class rank), 800 Math, 780 CR
    I also know several people who got direct admit to the school of business, but I don't know their stats, only that they were standouts at the national DECA competition.

    As far as advantages, you get a little more attention from advisors, and don't have to worry about applying to the major later on. To me though, it doesn't mean much because the students with the stats to get the direct admissions shouldn't be the ones worried about getting accepted into their major later on.
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  • PrincessPeaPrincessPea 26 replies5 threads Junior Member
    Thanks for the response! You're right, excellent students will make it into their major of choice, whether as a direct admit or later on. We're just trying to gauge whether the ds will have a shot or not at CS or CSE or EE, and whether there are any advantages to be had besides the ones we knew of.
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  • sf88sf88 25 replies1 threads New Member
    i really don't think there's any difference between a direct admit and a general admit student. other than, the direct admit have more time to plan their schedule. the direct admit and those that are going to apply as upper division are still going to take the same pre-reqs.
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