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December 1 Deadline

godsGiftgodsGift 39 replies21 threads Junior Member
edited November 2009 in University of Washington
Is the december 1 deadline like an EA deadline? i dont quite get it. what exactly is the deadline? is dec 1 considered the EA? and do we have higher chances to get in if we apply by dec 1??
edited November 2009
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Replies to: December 1 Deadline

  • Collegesound10Collegesound10 60 replies53 threads Junior Member
    according to their brochure they dont have an ED or EA admission. the december 1st priority deadline is (correct me if im wrong) for those people who are ready to submit their applications earlier and i would think your app is reviewed earlier. I also asked a UW admissions officer and he said that you find out about your admission decision around the same time as everyone else. and regarding an advantage, if any i think there would be little.
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  • godsGiftgodsGift 39 replies21 threads Junior Member
    so the dec 1 deadline is mainly for Honors Program applicants?
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  • Collegesound10Collegesound10 60 replies53 threads Junior Member
    from the UW website:
    We encourage all prospective freshmen to submit a complete application file by December 1 for the autumn quarter. It’s especially important to apply by December 1 for applicants who wish to be considered for admission to the Honors Program. Applications for the autumn quarter are typically available in late August/early September. The final closing date for autumn quarter 2010 admission is January 15, 2010.

    The UW does not offer any type of early decision or early action program
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  • caseyatbatcaseyatbat 277 replies6 threads Junior Member
    The Dec. 1 deadline puts you into the pool for potential scholarships (which are very few and far between), and gives you a VERY slight chance of hearing from the UW earlier than other applicants. A poster recently said that two kids from his/her high school had already heard from the UW...I've never heard that before. In years past, applicants who are absolute shoe-ins--no matter who or how many apply after them--hear back soon AFTER Dec. 1 if they applied prior to Dec. 1. But the large majority of applicants hear on a very random basis (not rolling admissions, because there is no predictable turn-around time) between Jan. and April. Most kids hear end of March or early April.

    So...Dec. 1 gives admissions staff more time to read your app perhaps?, and makes you eligible for almost non-existant scholarships, with a slight chance of getting an admissions answer in Dec. sometime.
    Hope that makes sense...
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  • compactrunnercompactrunner 195 replies5 threads Junior Member
    There probably isn't much difference between Dec 1 vs. Dec 2, but Dec 1 vs say January is a big advantage. The earlier you apply, the better chance you have of getting in, so the December 1 deadline is in some ways a reminder of that.
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  • godsGiftgodsGift 39 replies21 threads Junior Member
    yah if u call them they say that dec 1 is not an absolute deadline, a week or so after it is fine. THIS IS WhAT THEY SAYY
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