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Another desperate kid looking for her chances of getting in.

MeaghenHaileyMeaghenHailey 54 replies3 threads Junior Member
edited January 2010 in University of Washington
So, here's the deal...
- I've got a 3.25 GPA unweighted, 3.68 weighted.
- I've got an SAT score of 1830 (CR- 620 M- 600 W- 610)
- I'm in the top 12% (54 out of 440)
- I have an officer position in the Model UN club.
- Volunteer service for Model UN includes raising money for Invisible Children and another fundraising campaign for Malaria No More.
- I'm the presdent of a Girl Scout advisory board for the entire council (which covers a good portion of VA plus some of NC)
- Speaking of Girl Scouts, this is my 13th year.
- Through Girl Scouts, I do a lot of volunteer work with annual food drives, a non profit day care, setting up and running service unit events, and everything involved in my Bronze/ Silver Award (working on the Gold)
- I've taken 5 AP exams thus far (Human Geography, World History, US History, English Lang/ Comp, Calc BC) and am taking 5 more this year (US Gov't [dual enrollment as well], Psychology, English Lit/ Comp, Biology [virtually], Physics B)
- I took Statistics and Ethics at a local community college last summer while still in school.
- I'm in NHS (not an officer- I tried though)

My application essays... [summarized]
- Personal statement: I have no culture and that allows me to experience other cultures with an unbiased view and I also do not have to be concerned about someone potentially being politically incorrect and insulting my culture.
- Short response: Project Inclusion (where we confront a lot of cultural differences that people may feel uncomfortable about) taught me that people make a big deal and cause drama about things that are too mall and fleeting to really matter but they do it anyway.
- Additional comments: Why I hate these "optional" essays. It's kind of a smart a** essay and I'm not sure if I should sumbit it like that or if I should rewrite it... it'd stand out but it might be too obnoxious. I'm not sure...
- Honors essay #1: it's a stupid statement because it's very stereotypical and can often be disproven.
- Honors essay #2 b: THEORETICAL PHYSICS! and why it's awesome but not awesome enough to pull me away from genetics.

My letter of recommendation is coming from my physics teacher- I have her for AP this year and I also had her for Honors last year. I'm a good student in her class. I don't sually have to work hard in that class to do well but I do when I must and she has expressed her joy as having me as a student so I figured she would be a good choice.

Um... yeah, that's about it.
I'm kind of freaking out because this is my number one school and if I don't get in here, I have to go to CNU :/

sorry it's so long. I just want to be thorough.
edited January 2010
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Replies to: Another desperate kid looking for her chances of getting in.

  • ZackB321ZackB321 47 replies3 threads Junior Member
    I'm assuming you're in-state which helps a ton. You've got good ECs, but they aren't particularly diverse (mostly through girl scouts or the model UN).

    Your unweighted GPA is on the lower-end for UW, and I'm not sure what they think about weighted ones. Also your additional comments essay is, from the looks of it, not a good way to go. The admissions council uses those essays as a means to help you get enrolled. So bad-mouthing it, in my mind, is a bit of a slap-in-the-face. And to be honest, your GPA will hurt you a lot so you should utilize every beneficial opportunity you can to get in.

    Also your personal statement sounds interchangeable with the cultural diversity one. What prompt did you pick for the personal statement?

    Oh, and DO NOT LETTERS OF RECOMMENDATION. It says all over the application not to send those in.
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  • MeaghenHaileyMeaghenHailey 54 replies3 threads Junior Member
    Unfortunately, I'm not in state. I'm from VA :/

    Yeah, that's what I thought about the optional one... but I wasn't sure...
    My GPA will be going up at the semester in January and that's not just wishful thinking... assuming I don't suddenly fail everything between now and then... [not planning on that]

    The personal statement prompt I chose was the one about your family's culture and how it has enriched you.

    And yeah, I know they don't want letters of recommendation.
    Unless you're applying for the Honors program. Which I am. Which is why I mentioned the Honors essays...
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  • Jonhall19Jonhall19 5 replies4 threads New Member
    I would hope you never used the words "I have no culture" in your essay. I'll post what I wrote for the culture part, even though I applied from utah (talk about no culture lol) as soon as I get to my computer.
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  • ilikeUWilikeUW 1054 replies73 threads Senior Member
    i think you were on the right track (what Jonhall19 was talking about), you had the idea, but you executed it wrong. i hope you get in, because I have nearly identical stats in terms of GPA/extra curriculars.
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  • spaceneedlespaceneedle 415 replies0 threads Member
    honestly, it's a toss-up. I wouldn't be surprised if you got in, but wouldn't be surprised if you didn't either. Being out of state hurts you here.
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  • ZackB321ZackB321 47 replies3 threads Junior Member
    Sorry, didn't know that the honors program wanted letters of recommendation.

    Anyways, knowing that you're out of state, UW is honestly a bit of a reach based on your GPA and SAT scores.

    I'm not saying that you have no chance of getting in because of that, but instead I'm telling you that those essays need to be top-notch if you really want a shot.

    In-state, you would have a solid chance. But OOS, it will be difficult.
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  • MeaghenHaileyMeaghenHailey 54 replies3 threads Junior Member
    Great :/
    My essays were good, if I do say so myself, but writing isn't really my forte... I'm more of a math/ science kid...

    Well, in that case... CNU here I come.
    *stupid VA being... not WA*
    I don't even see why being out of state matters. I mean, I understand the whole funding thing for public universities but I don't think it should be a deciding factor.

    Well, thanks for your input everybody. Hopefully I, well, all of us actually, make it there.

    Oh, yeah... Jonhall19, I'd love to see what you did...
    And no, I didn't literally say "I have no culture"... it was more along the lines of my family not having traditions or whatever from when my family came to the US a few generations back so I can experience what others still have without any old beliefs and stuff of my own getting in the way.
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  • ZackB321ZackB321 47 replies3 threads Junior Member
    Hey, just because you read it on the internet, doesn't mean it's at all true. I'm just another kid applying to UW so there's no way in hell I know half of what the admissions council will say.

    You've got a chance Meaghen, just because the mid-range of statistics aren't in your favor doesn't mean you will get denied. Remember, there ARE people below that average too.

    I know a friend of mine that was accepted OOS with a 3.3 GPA and an 1800 SAT. You are right in that range.

    I encourage you still to apply. And even if you don't get in, have you considered Washington State University? Western Washington University? Both are great schools, and you can always transfer.
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  • just4ivaylojust4ivaylo 391 replies10 threads Member
    I second Zack. Look into Western Wash. especially. It's a great school, and it shouldn't be too tough to transfer.
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  • spaceneedlespaceneedle 415 replies0 threads Member
    I'd go to Western Wash far before I went to Wazzu but don't be thinking like that. You are definitely not out of the running here, just don't be shocked if you aren't accepted.

    Washington also has a very high number of applicants from out of state, 51% to be exact. They can't hold o-o-staters to the same standards as in staters or the school would be overrun by foreigners (of course some say that it already is). I would guess that a lot of oos applicants are fairly competitive as well which raises the competition for out of state admissions.
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  • littlershaklittlershak 27 replies15 threads Junior Member
    Your stats are easily good enough to get you into UW. Your essays will put you over the top or sink you. Why don't you apply to U Virginia or V Tech?
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  • cman8123cman8123 184 replies68 threads Junior Member
    I go to UW now, and from your stats, IDK why you applied to the honors school--its hard enough now days to get into the school period. Last year there were kids with better stats than you (BTW UW doesn't look at weighted GPAs) from my school that didn't get in or got waitlisted and ended up not getting in (and about 54 kids from my school ended up attending, out of 350 or so, idk how many applied or got accepted, but UW LOVES kids that come out of my school for some reason)

    Sorry if this seems a little harsh but its because I'm not sugar-coating everything. I wouldn't have your heart set on getting in but I've met so many damn kids in my freshmen class that I'm surprised even graduated from high school, so I wouldn't be surprised if you did get in.
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  • geishadollgeishadoll 36 replies2 threads Junior Member
    You sound like you have great extracurrics. Don't get discouraged, UW's acceptance rate is still over 60%, and a fairly large amount of students come from out of state (16%). I don't know what people are talking about on here. People from my school got in with 2.9s. Your weighted GPA is pretty solid, and your class rank is much better than mine. However, I'd reconsider your essay topics. Your additional comments, as Zack said, would probably come off negatively.
    And I would definitely go Western before Wazzu anytime! I think you'd shoot yourself at a place like Wazzu.
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  • ross25ross25 117 replies10 threads Junior Member
    I got in (for class of 2014 - letter mailed Dec. 10) with a 28 ACT, 3.98 weighted GPA, from a school with a graduating class of 120, with no AP classes, or a Model UN...
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  • MeaghenHaileyMeaghenHailey 54 replies3 threads Junior Member
    :O I wish I would find out already.
    I just got accepted to Rutgers so that's great but it's my #2 (UW being #1 of course.) But that made me feel better about my chances at the UW since they're both really great Public Ivies :)

    Yeah, I did rethink my essay. It isn't a stand out one I don't think but it's not obnoxious anymore.

    And to the cocky jerk wondering why I even bothered to apply to the Honors Program; I applies because I wanted to :P
    (though I probably won't do it- I'll have too many credits to make it worth it.)

    lol, thanks for the alternatives but I have my heart set on Seattle and the UW :)
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  • cman8123cman8123 184 replies68 threads Junior Member
    hiiiii again... i apologize for my harsh remarks earlier. they were a LOT uncalled for now that i look back haha...

    You seem like a nice person so I hope you'll be able to join me and the Husky crowd next year!

    BTW: it IS as fun as it seems.
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  • ross25ross25 117 replies10 threads Junior Member
    I wouldn't worry about it. I don't think UW is hard to get into...from your stats, it looks like I might be seeing you in September!!!
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  • MeaghenHaileyMeaghenHailey 54 replies3 threads Junior Member
    Eh. It's alright. I'm just kinda insecure about getting into the UW.
    I'm visiting over spring break (early April- like two weeks before all the decisions are supposed to be out) and I'm afraid I'm going to come home and a decision letter denying admission right after flying 3000 and spending over $1000 to visit the school :/

    Well, if Rutgers really is as awesome as the UW and is as selective, I'd say my chances are pretty good :)

    They just need to hurry it up with reviewing my application!
    lol :)
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  • ross25ross25 117 replies10 threads Junior Member
    You know what, I need to visit the campus as well...I have a pretty big scholarship at another school, and it's enough for me to think about taking it.
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  • MeaghenHaileyMeaghenHailey 54 replies3 threads Junior Member
    Really? What school is that? I wish someone would offer me a huge scholarship. lol.

    [oh, anybody have an idea as to why the UW starts so late? I mean really, most colleges start around the end of August but by the time the UW starts, it's nearly October... which makes graduation in June instead of May... what's the deal with that?]
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