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uw20106uw20106 54 replies11 threads Junior Member
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I am thinking about taking Econ 200, and 201 but it says Math 111 is recommended. Its recommended not required so I don't really want to waste time in that class. Is there anyone who has taken Economics that can tell me if Math 111 would be helpful in taking Econ 200. I hope that makes sense. thanks :)
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  • aylagatoraylagator 71 replies2 threads Junior Member
    Are those micro and macro? If so I would suggest at least having some pre calc under your belt. I did macro last quarter and I'm in micro this quarter (granted this is at a community college). There is a lot of math involved. Always take the recommended courses first.
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  • spaceneedlespaceneedle 415 replies0 threads Member
    math 111 is not even pre-calc, it's algebra. so unless you didn't take algebra in high school it's not a problem. honestly for 201, all you gotta be able to do is punch a few numbers into a calculator every now and then.
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  • jassy12jassy12 36 replies0 threads Junior Member
    I'm curious why you are taking 200 and 201, but haven't passed out of Math 111? If you want to eventually major in Econ, then you definitely need at least Calculus to do well in upper-level classes. If you want to apply for the Business School, then you are going to need to take Business Calc/ Stats courses anyway.
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  • cman8123cman8123 184 replies68 threads Junior Member
    From someone who has taken econ 200, 201, math 111 and 112, need NOT have taken any math class whatsoever for either of the econ classes. I got a 4.0 in all 4 of those classes without taking any of the recommended prereqs. I myself wouldn't even classify math 111 as a math class, it is literally algebra where you learn to read graphs... 112 is not much better than a snail paced, watered down calc class. You will be fine in econ 201. By the way, if you have the choice take it with Charles Nelson, not Haideh
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  • spaceneedlespaceneedle 415 replies0 threads Member
    "not Haideh"

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