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UW with another huge hire for econ

Replies to: UW with another huge hire for econ

  • TheDesertFoxTheDesertFox 120 replies12 threads Junior Member
    Looks like we lost Jeremy Suri, history professor. I remember seeing his name on registration but never took one of his classes.
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  • StoogeStooge 426 replies24 threads Member
    Huge loss. Reading one of his books now and it rules. In the current environment I'd leave too.

    Campus Connection: UW-Madison loses history star: 'It's been a really hard year here.'
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  • novaparentnovaparent - 713 replies29 threads Member
    Stooge, thank you for keeping things honest. A forum like this should be for exchanging all kinds of information -- good and bad -- and not just serve a cheerleading function.
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  • kxc1961kxc1961 780 replies21 threads Member
    Gaining and losing star professors are very important to a school. There are many interesting stories. Back in the 1950's Harvard refuses to give tenure to Geoffrey Wilkinson. A few years later, Sir Geoff won the Nobel Price in Chemistry for the work he had done at Harvard as assistant professor......This story made Harvard look stupid among chemists for many years.....It seems to me that UW should pay attention in hiring brilliant young scientists and make them stars and keep them some how.

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  • barronsbarrons 23087 replies1956 threads Senior Member
    You can go back to a guy named Milton Friedman who was an asst prof in the UW econ dept. They were not impressed with his work (too conservative for a liberal dept back then??) and he moved on sensing little future at UW. The rest is history.

    Another sadder story was that of Har Gobind Khorano. He won the Nobel Prize in 1968 while at UW. The next year one of the fine well-informed Wisconsin politicians in the state Capitol was making a speech castigating the UW for its excesses in his view. He looked thru a list of the top paid profs and came to the name Har Gobind Khorano who was one of the highest paid UW profs as you might expect with a Nobel prize winner. He loudly announced in his mis-pronouncing way--"HAR GOBIND KHORANO $50,000 (or whatever the number was then) anyone ever heard of him??"
    Next year Har was on his way to MIT.

    UT has its own major issues now so maybe we can hope he pulls a Jon Pevehouse and returns in a couple years after the dust settles for UW on the political/organizational front.
    Of course to lose top people you have to HAVE top people. At least it's a better problem than not having anyone other top schools covet.

    Old Grudges Bedevil Texas Higher Education Debate — Higher Education | The Texas Tribune
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  • kxc1961kxc1961 780 replies21 threads Member
    It is funny to see how it works here. Darn! UW failed to keep Friedman! What a bunch of dope!
    Looking into this further, it seems that back in the day, Jews were poorly treated at UW...
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