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Wisconsin Madison vs NYU vs USC vs Boston College

sirlaxalotsirlaxalot 57 replies7 threads Junior Member
edited March 2012 in University of Wisconsin
I got accepted to the above schools

wisconsin madison-i was admitted as a general engineering major with intent to switch to mechanical

nyu- i got into econ major, not stern

USC- i got admited to dornsife: econ and math major

Boston college- admitted as econ major

Could you guys give me your two cents on which school you would choose and why?

even biased answers are much appreciated. *i know i am in the wisconsin madison forum page*
edited March 2012
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Replies to: Wisconsin Madison vs NYU vs USC vs Boston College

  • sirlaxalotsirlaxalot 57 replies7 threads Junior Member
    i could really use some peer insight!
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  • justwaiting1justwaiting1 290 replies9 threads Junior Member
    All the schools have a different profiles. I assume that money is not an issue. NYU is your best choice because it’s a big university with lots of money great professors with lots of small classes. New York City is one of the best places if you have lots of money. UW has great sports teams but hop on a train and see the Yankees or take a bus and see the world champion NY giants. There are many more rich and foreign students at NYU, chances are you can intern on Wall Street and have a major firm pay for your MBA. If money is an issue then UW would be my top pick. My son attends UW (good value). Boston College is a small Jesuit school with very good sports teams. I never was interested in USC.
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  • sirlaxalotsirlaxalot 57 replies7 threads Junior Member
    thanks for your inputs.
    i grew up in Cali, Michigan, and East Coast (MD). and have gone to high school in each area. moved almost every year.

    I think USC wouldn't have as much of a college town feel as wisconsin and BC... but.. I feel like NYU would be the worst. No, money is not a problem in my family. but i am more worried about the general feeling of NYU and NYC. ive been to NYC and i wouldn't want to have my 4 years of college in such a scene. just IMO.

    I intend to follow an engineering major, but at BC there is no engineering program. which is the main reason I am favoring wisconsin. plus wisconsin has a college town feel to it. and a great party scene.

    In my case, considering engineering to be my intent, and party scene and college town factors incorporated Wisconsin madison > BC > USC> NYU?

    would you agree, through my reasoning and perspective, justwaiting1?
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  • justwaiting1justwaiting1 290 replies9 threads Junior Member
    My son loves UW, its a great school at a great value. Good luck
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  • wis75wis75 14376 replies65 threads Senior Member
    It sounds like you should eliminate NYU since you don't seem to want to live there (nor would I). A good college campus has enough going on that you don't feel the need to leave. You also should be busy enough you won't have the time to take advantage of much beyond your campus area. Eliminate BC since you want engineering. That leaves California or Wisconsin climates.

    You were admitted to the university as a whole at UW- not to any school or college. Your intended major is listed as engineering, which you can change at any time. You start as a preengineering student taking the prerequisite classes in L&S and likely will get admitted to the College of Engineering (with acceptable grades). If you decide you would rather be in math or econ there is no problem. I'm not sure how easy it would be for you to switch majors or schools/colleges at USC- check with them if you need to.

    UW has a great campus and plenty of academic course offerings. The only disadvantage some see is the winter weather. You have experienced both California and Michigan weather so no surprises there.

    You can feel good about choosing UW, I'm sure you will be academically and socially satisfied. Don't look back at the opportunities not chosen and enjoy your college years.
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  • sirlaxalotsirlaxalot 57 replies7 threads Junior Member
    ahha thanks wis75,
    yep its pretty much down to USC and UW,
    but I am also falling for BC. The atmosphere there seems to remind me of my boarding school days in Pennsylvania. I am still utterly confused.
    USC is ranked highest US news, though this means nothing, i still feel inclined.
    Wisconsin would be the most fun.
    BC would be pretty neat and interesting, but is there some way I could pre-eng at BC?

    i dunno. i cant seem to think straight right now. i stayed up all night waiting for decisions and evetually rejected by Harvard, Cornell, and JHU
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  • wis75wis75 14376 replies65 threads Senior Member
    Why would you choose a school without your proposed major? You can't get any preengineering classes to test if you really want it. Do not try to relive your HS years. College is, and should be, different. Move forward. You don't need to stay with engineering at the other schools while you can't do it at BC. Ignore the ratings, all schools on your list are in the same general league. UW has been around the top 15 for math grad schools if you want to play the ratings game. Last fall you did the research. Now is the time to choose the daily lifestyle, knowing you will get good academics at each school.

    You need to stop overthinking and pick a place. You will get a good education at any of them (although not for engineering at BC). More than enough info for you to know where your heart is. Pick one and fall in love, forgetting the others.
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  • judyjimjudyjim 146 replies11 threads Junior Member
    My son loves UW-Madison and it has a great college feel. He feels he is getting a great education, loves the social opportunities, and overall feel and friendliness of the campus. His roommate is from New York and he has made friends from all over the world. All the schools you are thinking about have great academics so I think you need to pick a campus you feel most comfortable with and that fits your personality style. Best of luck!
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