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Transferring to UW-Madison 2021

wisconsink123wisconsink123 0 replies1 threads New Member
I want to transfer to UW-Madison for the Spring term of 2021. I am currently finishing up my freshman year at another UW school. I live in Wisconsin. I am a Marketing major.

My stats:
High School:
GPA- unweighted - 3.2( Sophomore year brought gpa down a ton because I transferred schools but only improved since then)
Weighted- 4.5
ACT- 22
4 year soccer player(state qualifier, other awards won)
Was in FBLA for 2 years
Graduated a semester early and enrolled at my current school full time
1st semester of senior year I was in the Early College Credit Program and took 2 classes at a local college
Took many honors classes, 2 AP classes and some dual enrollment classes
Volunteered for 150 hours
Worked during all years of high school

GPA- 3.6
Taken 27 credits and plan on taking 16 next fall
Worked on campus and played intramural sports
Worked off campus
I plan on receiving 2 letters of recommendation from my professors, one from my high school guidance counselor, 1 from my soccer coach/teacher, and 1 from my middle schooler teacher who I also volunteered for during my high school and college years.

Do I have a chance of being accepted with these stats?
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Replies to: Transferring to UW-Madison 2021

  • TransferGuy08TransferGuy08 69 replies6 threads Junior Member
    I was accepted to UW-Madison this year as pre-business for fall and I had similar stats to yours. I went to an Illinois community college and had a 3.7 GPA with about 55 credits completed (13 are from Iowa state, my first sem at college with a 2.9 GPA from there). The extracurriculars I had were Phi Theta Kapp (Honors Society at Comm colleges) my part-time job, tennis club, volleyball club, and a volunteering program in high school. I had two letters of recs from professors and one from a manager at work. Keep in mind, you're only allowed to send 4 requests for recommendation letters so narrow down your choices to 4. I think the thing that really did it for me was my essays. I also completed a good amount of business courses before transferring so that might have helped me too. So based on your stats, I feel like you have a good chance of getting accepted. Lmk if you have more questions or want some info on my high school stats too.
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  • totallylivtotallyliv 1 replies0 threads New Member
    Thought I'd try too. I'm finishing up freshman year at a private school in Minnesota where I am from. I'm currently a double major in Biochemistry and Spanish.

    My stats:
    High School:
    GPA- unweighted - 2.9 (something really bad happened my junior year which made my grades drop but I explain this in an essay)
    Weighted- 3.2
    ACT- 29
    2 years of varsity soccer with awards
    3 years of varsity lacrosse with awards
    Youth in Government for 4 years with high leadership positions for 3 years
    Took many honors classes, 3 AP classes and lots of classes through the University of Minnesota
    Volunteered for MN Special Olympics and did a speech at the MN Autism Conference getting an award from my school board
    Worked during all years of high school

    GPA- 3.2 (this will be going up next semester)
    Took 16 credits in the fall and 19 in the spring
    Worked off-campus for the whole year
    Playing varsity soccer for my University
    Involved in club lacrosse, Biology club, Chemistry club, the "Buddies" program, and pre-med club.
    I plan on receiving 2 letters of recommendation from my professors, one of them being the head of the Biology department, my high school soccer coach, and a high school teacher for one of my CIS college courses.

    I know my GPA is pretty low, but I'm not applying to the business school and I'm super involved. I also had some Madison alum and current students look over my essays and they think they are pretty strong essays. I explain my low hs GPA in an essay which I feel will help cover me for that. I know the odds are slim so if anyone has more advice besides raising my college GPA please let me know lol.

    So what do you think my odds are?
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