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UW Madison Student Football Tickets - SOLD OUT


Replies to: UW Madison Student Football Tickets - SOLD OUT

  • barronsbarrons Registered User Posts: 24,864 Senior Member
    I think Parent2009 should be more concerned with UVa's spotty academics and crumbling finances.
    Of course it's easy to get tickets to the football games--they have not won anything major in my memory and have to share the state with VaTech which has.


    State of the University Effects of the Economy on the University and the Endowment, Budget Impact, U.Va.
  • collegechristinecollegechristine Registered User Posts: 35 Junior Member
    Wow barrons...spotty academics? UVA? Are you now saying that UW-Madison has better academics than UVA? I think that is a leap. A better football program .. yes...a better academic reputation...no. Let's be honest here...no matter what blog this is...
  • parent2009parent2009 - Posts: 217 Junior Member
    Too funny - I got a private message warning me to expect barrons to follow up on wis75's personal attack with one of his own ("barrons and wis75, two alumni who apparently haven't been able to 'move on' from their college days long l-o-n-g ago, seem obsessed with stalking the UW Madison forum and attacking anyone who dares say anything even slightly negative about their alma mater").

    Watch out, barrons! You're becoming predictable!

    Seriously, I'm not about to knock UW's academics, which are outstanding - and barron's efforts to knock UVa's, especially at the undergraduate level, in the face of all the evidence to the contrary is too silly to merit a response.

    And Tech students don't have nearly the trouble that UW students do when it comes to getting football tickets . . .
  • wis75wis75 Registered User Posts: 13,483 Senior Member
    2009 you are also in danger of a reputation. You just don't get it. I use my past and present knowledge- son student there. I also live instate and have a feel for UW's context in the state. Some things change over the years but also many things do not- I "sift and winnow" (see the entire message on a plaque somewhere on campus) - ie compare and contrast. I am not stuck in a bygone era, I make use of knowledge current students haven't had time to learn and I peruse the UW website. Also be aware of the diversity of personal experiences students have at UW- life there does not revolve around football for everyone. Some (many?) are busy doing an activity instead of passively watching football on a Saturday afternoon.

    One thing I try to do is to combat stereotypes so that students are aware that they don't need to be one of the majority to be comfortable at UW. Many come from HS feeling college will be like the conformity of HS, with popular/in crowds et al. When statements make it seem as though certain mores are needed to fit in I play "devil's advocate" or otherwise remind students that they don't need to fit the mold suggested. I have used the "blind men and the elephant" story in the past. Think of UW as the blind men described the elephant- many different opinions depending on which aspect was examined. Incoming students read posts here and think UW is as described by those few who bother with this site. I know from experiences of current students that there is a lot more than those views, in fact some views may be of a minority. Also- big message to students- conformity is not needed. Everyone's UW experience will be different. Barrons views represent yet another attitude and experience. It is good that different ways of viewing UW are represented. Better to have controversy and thinking than uniformity.

    Or- never trust anyone over 30? Note - any parent on these forums is expressing their, not their child's, opinions. How many would echo their parent's views? How many will understand them in 10 or 20 years when they have a perspective based on more experiences?

    Enough philosophizing. Students- there is room for disagreement, and intellectual growth at UW- the main reason to attend.
  • parent2009parent2009 - Posts: 217 Junior Member

    If it's a matter of proving one's bona fides, my wife and three of her sisters are UW graduates; my brother-in-law was an instructor there for many years until just this year; I have nieces and nephews at Madison West; and I probably know 100 graduates. My daughter didn't apply to UW on a whim; she picked it on our recommendation because she wanted a large, well respected public university with big time academics AND big times sports, our in state version of such a school happens to be highly selective (and not a sure thing), and we knew lots about UW.

    By my count at least three posters on this thread are current students or parents of current students who do happen to think that going to football games is an important part of the UW undergraduate experience and lament their inability to get tickets. Again, it's dismissive to tell them simply to get over it, and it's arrogant to suggest that your years of experience makes you qualified to tell them what they should or shouldn't care about and what they should or shouldn't think. And telling me to bug off simply because my daughter chose to go elsewhere is equally inappropriate.

    In short, it's not me who doesn't get it -- it's you. No matter; this is my last post on the subject and the last time I will respond to anything from you. There's nothing more exasperating that arguing with someone who thinks they know it all.
  • JiffsMomJiffsMom Registered User Posts: 553 Member
    None of what you just posted makes sense, wis75. A handful of posters actively pursue the silencing of dissenting opinions on this forum. That sure seems like forced conformity.

    Not everyone will agree on any particular issue. Why can't everyone just accept that? This is one of the very few forums on CC where alumni actively attack dissenting opinions. Doesn't sound like "sifting and winnowing" to me, though you are free to disagree. ;)

    It does call to mind UW's administration's lack of an open, honest, and informed discussion on the Madison Initiative as described here:
    The Education Optimists: I (Finally) Figured Out Why I Want Tenure

    ...and here:
    The Education Optimists: What is the Evidence on High-Tuition High-Aid Models?

    "Sift and Winnow" is a nice catch phrase and sounds noble, but that concept seems to have "left the building" at UW Madison, so to speak. UW's "Sift and Winnow," as evidenced by the admin cramming the Madison Initiative through without adequate research, examination, and debate, and the attacks on dissenting opinions here on CC's UW forum, and the animosity and schism between "sconnies" and "coasties" on UW's campus, seems more like "conform, or else..." or "it's my way, or the highway," as another forum contributer has already observed.

    Maybe some of that "Bucky Pride" could be more positively turned to the pursuit of the resolution of some of the issues noted above. No need to attack the messenger; it's more productive to address the problems.
  • Madison85Madison85 Registered User Posts: 10,630 Senior Member
    I've noticed a lot of empty seats in the student sections at Camp Randall. It would seem as though a student without season tickets could find a way to buy one at face value.
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