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Vanderbilt Fall 2019 Transfer Thread

gapyearapplicantgapyearapplicant 100 replies26 threads Junior Member
edited August 9 in Vanderbilt University
Hi guys, I wanted to start the Vanderbilt transfer thread for this coming application cycle in Spring. Hope it's not too early!

College Stats:
GPA: 3.94
Biology Major currently
Credits Completed at time of application: 29
Current School: University of Miami

Courses taken:
General Biology I (4 Credits) - In Progress
General Biology I Lab (1 Credit) - In Progress
General Biology II (4 Credits) - Completed
General Biology II & Lab (1 Credit) - Completed
General Chemistry I (3 Credits) - In Progress
General Chemistry I Lab (1 Credit) - In Progress
Introduction to Statistics (3 Credits) - Completed
Introduction to Psychology (3 Credits) - Completed
English Composition II (3 Credits) - Completed

High School Stats
ACT: 33
GPA: 3.45 (Strong upward trend in senior year - straight A's - Full IB Diploma)

Reason for transferring: I'm interested in the Public Policy and Human Organizational Development majors at Vanderbilt which are not offered currently at the University of Miami
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Replies to: Vanderbilt Fall 2019 Transfer Thread

  • hillarydufflebaghillarydufflebag 168 replies4 threads Junior Member
    College Stats:
    GPA: 3.50
    Political Science major
    Credits Completed at time of application: 45
    Current School: Santa Monica College
    Strong Extracurriculars
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  • GtownboogieGtownboogie 33 replies0 threads Junior Member
    College stats;
    3.5 GPA
    Theater Major
    credits completed: 56
    Currently at a community college in Texas
    I'm also applying to Whitman College, Mount Holyoke, Occidental, and Barnard.
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  • gapyearapplicantgapyearapplicant 100 replies26 threads Junior Member
    Yall look good, does anyone know what the stats of an average transfer student at Vanderbilt are?
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  • Motherofgod652Motherofgod652 1 replies1 threads New Member
    I’m currently a Bioengineering student at Northeastern University and really want to transfer to vandy for biomedical.

    i’m originally from nashville

    High school GPA: 4.5 (high school only reported weighted)
    ACT: 33
    Current College GPA:probably going to be B+ average

    important extracurricular:
    Varsity Soccer 4 years
    Club rugby in college
    Service learning in college
    Shadowed a vanderbilt hospital Cadido thoracic surgeon for 3 years and did research
    created a data base for my high school
    started a company for technology education and helping students create their ideas

    and some other basic stuff

    Recs: surgeon I shadowed and A vanderbilt professor

    I’d really appreciate it if someone could weigh my chances! good luck everyone
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  • TomSrOfBostonTomSrOfBoston 15905 replies1063 threads Senior Member
    @Motherofgod652 If by a college GPA of B+ you mean a 3.3 GPA then Vandy would be a high reach.
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  • AshtashAshtash 649 replies26 threads Member
    I'm currently a political science major at Northeastern.

    High School GPA: 3.85/4.28 (doesn't rank but probably top 12% ~ I don't even know, but it was the hardest thing I've experienced)

    ACT: 33
    Current College GPA: As of right now, it should be about a 3.9+ (I think I'm going to have all As and an A- in one class, but hopefully I can pull off that A!)
    US History SAT II: 730 (not that great, but I may send it in. Any thoughts?)

    High school ECs: mock trial captain, big mock trial awards, founded non-profit, debate, some really good leadership positions/did important things with these positions, some other stuff

    College: Leadership in student government, 20 hr/week internship, may do research next semester

    Recs: Should be good. Have high As in the classes of the professors I'm asking for recs from. One of the knows me really well because of my research interests and I participate a lot in the other class

    After reflecting on how I went about the process senior year and finally discovering what I want out of my college experience, I've created a really solid list and really hope to get into at least one. Vanderbilt is tied as my top choice, so here's to hoping!!!

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  • bernie12bernie12 5455 replies10 threads Senior Member
    edited December 2018
    @TomSrOfBoston : I think it is technically anything short of A- (3.7..so even a 3.5 would be about a B+ to most), so a big range. Ideally, you want a 3.5+ to transfer into selective schools. Only exception seems to be if you come from a harsh grading major at another competitive (not necessarily peer) school.

    @Ashtash : Uhmmm...your SAT2 should be irrelevant as you already have college courses under your belt and you are doing well. Don't worry about one A- BTW. NE is what would be considered a competitive school known for solid academic rigor...so being perfect is nice, but you should only do it for yourself and not VU prospects. 3.9 whatever and 4.0 will hardly make a difference. They will likely just say: "Oh, they are very academically qualified" once you have beyond 3.6-3.7 in such a major and then proceed to scrutinize the rest of the application to determine if you "fit" or if they really want you. Not much you could do about the latter other than write a compelling essay with a solid reason for wanting to be at the school you are transferring to.
    edited December 2018
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  • MagnaCartaMagnaCarta 3 replies0 threads New Member
    Howdy, I too am a prospective transfer applicant at VU. Hope to get in, but I guess we will see what happens! I'm applying as a sophomore.

    College Stats:
    GPA: Not done with finals yet, should be around 3.9
    Finance & Economics double major. Applying for Vandy Economics
    Credits Completed at time of application: 49 (a lot of those are AP that won't transfer over- likely will walk into Vanderbilt with ~40 if I am accepted)
    Current School: University of St. Thomas (MN)

    Courses taken:
    Principles of Macroeconomics (4 cr)
    Principles of Microeconomics (4 cr)
    Philosophy of the Human Person (4 cr)
    Honors Christian Theological Tradition (4 cr)
    Honors Introduction to Art History (4 cr)
    Honors Sports Literature: Social Justice and Sport (4 cr)
    Introduction to Financial Accounting (4 cr)
    Introduction to Management (4 cr)
    Quantitative Data Literacy (2 cr)

    College EC's:
    Very little, frankly. Member of my schools Honors College, Distiguished Member of the Investment Club, Economics Club participant, intramural volleyball etc.

    High School Stats
    ACT: 32
    GPA: 3.5 (Mediocre Freshman year, poor Junior year (~3.2) and solid Sophomore and Senior years)

    AP Tests:
    Junior Year:
    -Stats (3)
    -Language (4)
    Senior Year:
    -Biology (4)
    -Calculus AB (4)
    -Physics 1 (3)

    High School EC's:
    Some EC's. National Honors Society, 4-year competitive cyclist, member of freshman integration group, Business Professionals of America 4-year participant (board member senior year, state participant junior year), 2-year Lacrosse and Ultimate Frisbee player.

    That's about it, how will I do?
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  • gapyearapplicantgapyearapplicant 100 replies26 threads Junior Member
    My grades are in for the semester (I'm the OP just posting updated stats)!

    College Stats:
    GPA: 3.93
    Biology Major currently
    Credits Completed at time of application: 29
    Current School: University of Miami

    Courses taken:
    General Biology I (4 Credits) - A+
    General Biology I Lab (1 Credit) - A
    General Biology II (4 Credits) - A+
    General Biology II & Lab (1 Credit) - A
    General Chemistry I (3 Credits) - A+
    General Chemistry I Lab (1 Credit) - B
    Introduction to Statistics (3 Credits) - A
    Introduction to Psychology (3 Credits) - A+
    English Composition II (3 Credits) - A-
    Philosophy of Brain and Neuroscience (3 Credits) - A+ (, not sure why wasn't added to original post)

    High School Stats
    ACT: 33
    GPA: 3.45 (Strong upward trend in senior year - straight A's - Full IB Diploma)

    Reason for transferring: I'm interested in the Public Policy and Human Organizational Development majors at Vanderbilt which are not offered currently at the University of Miami
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  • transferapplicant29928transferapplicant29928 6 replies0 threads New Member
    edited December 2018
    Hi everyone. Let me know what you all think my chances are!

    Current University: George Washington University
    GPA: 3.77, so roughly 3.8 (and we don't have A+s at my school)
    ACT: 31
    ECs: Undergraduate Consulting Group, Chair position in Fraternity, Economics student tutor (paid for and supported by the University), Dean's List, Men's basketball manager for a semester.
    Work Experience: 2 previous summer internships both at startups
    LORs: 4 total - 1 from Econ Professor, 1 from Finance Professor, 1 from Alumni connection, 1 from my former boss last summer.

    Thats everything. Let me know if you think i've got a good shot or if I'm reaching too high!
    edited December 2018
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  • gapyearapplicantgapyearapplicant 100 replies26 threads Junior Member
    @transferapplicant29928 - GPA is good, what kind of courses did you take? You have as good a chance as anyone imo. UMiami has A+ but unfortunately its worth the same as an A in terms of GPA :(
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  • transferapplicant29928transferapplicant29928 6 replies0 threads New Member
    @gapyearapplicant I have taken a pretty good mix of courses in terms of difficulty, between intro level and 3000 level. All of my international business courses are 3000 level and one of my history courses is a 2000 level. Did well this semester especially (projected 3.86).
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  • gapyearapplicantgapyearapplicant 100 replies26 threads Junior Member
    @transferapplicant29928 good stuff dude, mine were mostly pre med classes like Chem Bio, Stats and one 300 level which was Philosophy. Others were intro courses so hoping for best!
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  • polyscidreamerpolyscidreamer 128 replies5 threads Junior Member
    Hey everyone! VU is one of top school I’m super worried about my chances to get in, here are my stats

    School: LaGuardia Community College, NYC
    Major: Political Science - 63 credits when I graduate this Spring 2019
    GPA: 3.85
    Major GPA: 3.9
    Grades: 3 honors courses, got a B once and 3 A-

    SAT/ACT: I took them in 2014 and got a 1500ish out of 2400 - i did not care about school as much due to my family and unstable living situation.
    HS GPA: 78% - 80%, at the time NYC did not do do it out of a 4.0 scale - once again low due to my many factors in my person life.

    Student Government: Governor of Political Awareness
    Phi Theta Kappa Member
    President Society Ambassador
    P.S Alumni Mentor for HS students
    Interned at the NYC Comptrollers Office and got legislative and policy reasearch published Member of the University Student Senate (coalition of all City of New York Univeristies) and sits on a CUNY board of trustees committee
    Creating a transfer guide to be used by future community college students with the department of education
    Malave Leadership Academy
    Scholarship receiptent
    Founded and was president of Latinx Unidos

    Extra info: I organized a ton of big events and projects and got published in the honors journal. Coordinated a huge citizenships drive with over 300 people who got serviced.

    LOR: 3 strong professors one in my major, other 2 not but one is director of honors program at my school. My director of student life is also willing to write me one.
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  • gapyearapplicantgapyearapplicant 100 replies26 threads Junior Member
    Have you guys applied yet?
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  • olliebirdolliebird 4 replies0 threads New Member
    Hi everyone! I am a current second-year at the University of Tennessee (Knoxville) applying to the CAS at VU for the 2019-2020 academic year. I'm a Junior by credits from AP and a fast-paced schedule but many of those don't count towards my major so they're somewhat irrelevant. Anyhow...

    College Stats:
    GPA: 3.59 (really competitive honors organic chemistry classes and higher level math courses)
    Major: Applied Mathematics (on Pre-Med).
    Credits completed at time of application: 87
    Current School: UTK

    High School Stats:
    GPA: 3.43 (horrible Junior year and home-life interference)
    Top 40% of my class
    ACT: 32

    - I worked as a lifeguard during my Junior and Senior years of High School.
    - Freelance Math tutoring in the greater Knoxville area ~12 hours each week.
    - Just applied to be a tutor at the Mathnasium center.

    I've worked in a BioTech lab researching enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay technology to identify pathogens in bovine in agricultural communities amounting to $USD 3,000,000 losses each year. The same principles may be used to identify pathogens (viral and bacterial as it targets DNA sequences) in humans at later dates. I'm praying that we'll be published before March 15th.

    -Founded a chapter for Volunteers Around the World and organized a medical outreach trip to Vietnam last May of 2018 where we provided care to 804 children in the Can Gio province South of Saigon. I had to quit due to philosophical differences between myself and the organization. They were for-profit and mistreated some of the in-country staff who I had befriended. I also spoke to the COO and founder of the company via Skype expressing my concerns. I'm making sure to make this very clear in my application. Unfortunately, I'm somewhat hesitant to put this under "Experiences" as they ask if they may contact my supervisor(s) and my supervisors were really disgusted with me for quitting. Any thoughts?
    - Pledge of Alpha Epsilon Delta Pre-Health Honor Society. I couldn't turn in my application for membership as it had to be handwritten and I had hip surgery done that disallowed me from being able to meet the deadline.
    - Member of the UT Powerlifting Club
    - Member of the UT Intramural swim team
    - In high school, I headed an Angel Tree for my Key Club during the Holiday Season for two years that provided $100 of gifts and food to 100 less-privileged kids in my hometown (amounting to $10,000). I sought out funding from Rotary International and organized the buying and delivering of gifts.

    -Organic professor- both orgos. hopefully discusses positive trends since beginning and how I can apply my learning to my field.
    -English instructor- faculty sponsor for VAW that I founded. Was really fond of me. I actually wrote him a letter of rec that won him funding for a trip to Kazakhstan to teach English to children there for a year. I think he'll represent me well.
    -Personal Recommendation by one of my best friends (currently a student at Vandy). Can speak to positive growth and what I'd add to the community (hopefully xD)
    -High School French Teacher- had her the last two years of hs. She saw positive trends in my academics and leadership skills. We've kept up and she can speak to my engagement with students of diverse backgrounds and my pursuits in global medicine.

    I'm hoping to take an angle that shows positive trends since high school and how I've developed as a leader. Please feel free to critique me. Sorry for such a long post!
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  • min517min517 10 replies0 threads New Member
    Hey everyone! I'm applying as a sophomore transfer for fall 2019 as well:) Here are my stats:

    Current school: top 20 private university
    Race: white and Native American (Cherokee Nation)
    Gender: female
    Home state: Ohio
    ACT: 35 composite (36M, 36S, 34E, 34R)
    High school GPA: 4.936 weighted
    Class rank (high school): 1/305

    College GPA: 4.00 (no honors program available as freshman, but I took a very full course load with notorious premed weed-out classes)
    High school ECs: competitive gymnast from 2008-2018 (stopped due to torn achilles), varsity cross country runner (HS), private viola lessons, peer tutoring, Key Club treasurer
    College ECs: Figure skating club president and founder, Women in STEM club member, tutor for Varsity Tutors, nanoscience lab research job
    Intended major: chemical engineering

    Awards/honors: Junior Olympic gymnastics gold medalist, three-time Junior Olympic gymnastics silver medalist, two-time Junior Olympic gymnastics bronze medalist, US national gymnastics champion, US national gymnastics bronze medalist, fifteen-time Ohio state gymnastics champion, six-time Ohio state gymnastics silver medalist, six-time Ohio state gymnastics bronze medalist, Ohio High School Athletic Association Scholar Athlete award, valedictorian, Summa Cum Laude latin honors, University of Cincinnati Behavioral Science Award, Ohio Soybean Association Research Award, Anderson Hills Educational Foundation Scholarship, Dean's list, and Phi Eta Sigma Honor Fraternity.

    Hooks: Junior Olympic gold medalist and US national champion in gymnastics, had to provide for family due to long-term medical issues last fall and winter while balancing school, ECs, and applications

    Reasons for transferring: my current school does not have an engineering department, emphasis on undergraduate research involvement (VINSE specifically for me), students are passionate about more than just their school work

    I applied as a freshman, but my application was really scattered due to severe family problems at the time where I had take over as one of the heads of household temporarily. I'm really hoping for applications this year to go better:) Best of luck to everyone applying!
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  • goldandblack12goldandblack12 2 replies1 threads New Member
    I'm looking to transfer as a junior in 2020 from BU. I saw a stat that said that sophomore transfer comprise of about 80 percent of total transfers. Is it disadvantageous to attempt to transfer as a rising junior as opposed to a rising sophomore?
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  • whata777whata777 53 replies0 threads Junior Member
    One thing required by Vanderbilt is the College Transfer Report. Is this something you would print off and take to the registrar at your current institution? If not the registrar, than whom?
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  • AshtashAshtash 649 replies26 threads Member
    @whata777 Typically, yes. It has to be filled out by someone that can verify you’re in good standing both behaviorally & academically. I emailed my registrar and had to send it to the student conduct office so they could fill out the behavior part then they forwarded it to the registrar, so that they could fill out the academic part. I would have your registrar send it to the schools because I think I saw that someone had sent it from themselves and one of the schools wanted it to come directly from the registrar or something like that. I just filled out the part I needed and scanned a copy to the person I needed to receive it. I then emailed the registrar a list of the schools and addresses and they sent it right over.
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