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Vanderbilt computer science and pre-med?

CollegeLife111CollegeLife111 0 replies1 postsRegistered User New Member
Can anyone speak to the difficulty of this degree plan? How hard would it be to maintain a good GPA?
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Replies to: Vanderbilt computer science and pre-med?

  • SincererLoveSincererLove 738 replies21 postsRegistered User Member
    D17 is a rising junior on CS premed. There are not many of CS premed around. Lol

    She has a GPA of 3.92, had B in one class, and A minus on several classes. She has higher science GPA. GPA is definitely harder to maintain in Engineering school. But like all the experts on premed board would say, you cannot go to CS premed expecting to get a bump because of the difficulty. You should pick a major that is your plan B where you can also be good at.

    She carries 14 to 17 hours per semester with a combination of CS, math and premed classes. There are benefits from being CS major, according to D. The problem solving aspect of science classes is easy to her...

    D also had a lot of ECs, works at a lab for research as well as TAing for a CS class and volunteering around Nashville. You can do it all if you have good time management skills and stay on top of work.

    Best of luck!
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