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VCU Honors College

medlovemedlove 122 replies13 threads Junior Member
I was interested in the VCU Honors college because as my sn suggests, i want to become a doctor someday and was wondering how good the vcu honors college is. I visited and the dorms were awesome but how is the actual studies part of it? and also is it easy to get into the Guaranteed Admission to VCU Med school after being in the program for two years?

any comments are appreciated
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  • medlovemedlove 122 replies13 threads Junior Member
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  • medlovemedlove 122 replies13 threads Junior Member
    anyone lol?
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  • radronOmegaradronOmega 733 replies72 threads- Member
    i doubt anyone from VCU actually posts here...this is a
    nerdy website, and VCU is...not that profile hahaha.
    Try finding a VCU specific forum or a facebook group,
    you'll find more success there. best of luck!
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  • happatkhappatk 21 replies11 threads New Member
    I'm in the VCU Honors College. And yeah, I'm the nerdy type: who isn't if they're in the Honors College?

    I'm not a med student, but my med friends really love it. There are a lot of research opportunities and scholarships available for med students, the teachers are really friendly, and if you're in the Honors College, you'll be in small Honors classes with other med students that you can study and make friends with.

    Classes that are non-honors, though, aren't very difficult at all. I breezed through my first semester with a 4.0. :D Some teachers just like to give out a lot of busy work, though, which is ridiculous considering we're in college. But hey, I'm still just a Freshie, so maybe it's supposed to be that easy.

    As one wise, upperclassman Asian once put it to me, the Honors College (for med students) is about kissing ass. Lots of ass. You have to do a lot of leadership in the Honors College to make sure you get into the accelerated med program (which is really competitive, apparently), and you have to get the Honors Dean to like you (he looks like Harrison Ford).

    VCU's a wonderful place and is a top research university, and I hope I'm not too late in answering your question!! Try checking out **************.com, too, to get an idea of what other people thought. There aren't that many reviews up for VCU, though....
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  • PolihistPolihist 279 replies36 threads Junior Member
    could you PM me that website? It looks like it got censored.
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  • medlovemedlove 122 replies13 threads Junior Member
    Thank you Happatk, and could you PM me the website also because as Polihist said, "It looks like it got censored". Thank you
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  • RVAfistcityRVAfistcity 49 replies4 threads Junior Member
    hey happatk,

    Do you know any econ majors in the honors college? What kind of internship opportunities are these guys looking at? Is it basically the same as reg. b students?
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