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Chances for Engineering (Computer science) or college of science (physics)

NoBagelsNoBagels 9 replies4 threads New Member
edited August 2015 in Virginia Tech
Hey guys, I was wondering if any of you could chance me. Will I get accepted into both majors or just the college of science?
ACT: 28
English: 29
Math: 31
Reading: 25
science: 25
Superscore is a 29 with the same stats except a 32 in reading.
I'm really worried with my application because my younger years in highschool I was not with a good crowd, so my GPA
was low. I'm finishing my senior year with a 3.2-3.3 GPA (4.0) scale. my Senior year GPA is a 3.7. Along with 3 APS (Physics, Statistics, and Government) Dual enrollment Macroeconomics and Fundamentals of Engineering, and Pre calculus. I'm out of state for tech and a Hispanic student (Not sure if that helps but I guess it's important information). I've played soccer for 4 years, hold a part time job and I was in Beta club. I can take the ACT again and I'm sure I could make a higher math score if needed, and I plan to write all 3 essays available in the application. so please tell me what I need to improve on! thank you!
edited August 2015
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Replies to: Chances for Engineering (Computer science) or college of science (physics)

  • ChrisTKDChrisTKD 995 replies5 threads Senior Member
    The only think you can do is apply. My guess would be that Engineering will say no. I don't know about the College of Science. How do you know your Senior year GPA? Did you already graduate?
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  • NoBagelsNoBagels 9 replies4 threads New Member
    haven't graduated. GPA so far for senior year is a 3.7. it'll probably end like that too.
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  • ChrisTKDChrisTKD 995 replies5 threads Senior Member
    OK well it seemed a bit early to projecting your GPA for the full year. I have no clue how Virginia Tech judges grade improvement. Certainly your transcripts won't reflect the extent of your GPA turnaround until its almost too late. My wild guess isn't worth more than two cents but I'd say your best bet would be University Studies.
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