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Virginia Tech?

sueisasueisa 0 replies1 threads New Member
Hi all,

So basically, I’m just wondering what my chances are on getting into Virginia Tech. I don’t really have anybody to help advise me with stuff like this, so here goes.

Basically, i’m worried about my cumulative GPA. It’s not that high. Unweighted, it’s a 3.1. It’s because my freshman and sophomore year, I kinda struggled with a lot of things going on at home and I pulled a few C’s in my AP classes. But as I’m finishing junior year, I turned things around for myself. This year, my GPA’s a 3.8 unweighted in all AP classes as well.
Other info:
-My SAT score: 1300
-I’ve also been volunteering with the SPCA and at the VA hospital, I have over 150 hours so far, plan to do more this summer before I apply.
-I’m also getting a part time job this summer.
-I’ve played cello competitively for 7 years
-I’ve been in varsity Orchestra for one year
-State/region cellist
-principal cellist for three years in a row at my school
-performed at Carnegie Hall
-I joined cross country this year and liked it, plan to do it again senior year
-I also joined Running Club after school
-I took cello lessons after school for 5 years.
-I’ve heard being Hispanic, and a first-generation college student is important to them too?
-I also want to apply for early acceptance, maybe it’ll help?

I want to major in Chemistry and join the Corps of Cadets as commissioning as an officer in the Army has been a dream of mine for a while. But I know that big state schools like these worry more about numbers rather than stories. My mistakes from freshman and sophomore year are really dragging me down, but do y’all think what i’ve accomplished so far would compensate for my low cumulative GPA? I’m also applying out-of-state, I’m from Texas. If not, is there anything I can do besides just apply and see what happens? Should I submit a rec letter even though it says it’s optional?
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Replies to: Virginia Tech?

  • KpantherKpanther 36 replies2 threads Junior Member
    your ECs are there, what’s your GPA weighted? And make sure you do all three essays and that they’re good essays. Make sure you elaborate on your struggles freshman and sophomore year in an essay so they know about it. The Cs aren’t that good but your SAT is on par. It really depends on the applicant pool and how difficult chemistry entrance is. But being Hispanic and first generation will definitely help you
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  • Lion333Lion333 2 replies1 threads New Member
    From what I know, I say you have a pretty good shot.

    Your SAT is around the average, but you could take it again if you think you could improve it. VT superscores, so if you did poorly on one section you can just focus your studying on that.

    Your GPA is lower than average, but the fact that you improved a lot in the last year will be taken into account. There is also an essay topic for the VT application that allows students to explain periods of poor grades. If you think you have a valid reason for your earlier grades you should consider writing an essay on that.

    Tech considers 'course rigor' to be important, so if you are taking a good amount of honors and AP classes that will look good to admissions.

    Being Hispanic and a first generation college student will help you, as well as applying for the Corps of Cadets. Applying early decision might help too, but make sure that you know for sure that you want to go to Tech above all other schools beforehand. It is possible that they will defer you to regular decision so that they can see your senior year 1st semester grades before making a decision.

    On the application you can complete up to 3 "optional" essays, but you should do all 3 if possible. VT wants it's applicants to show interest in the school, so take every opportunity to let them know you are serious about coming to Tech and that you are qualified to be a hokie. There are 5 or 6 prompts, I think, and it is recommended that you do the 'Ut Prosim' prompt. VT motto translates to "that I may serve" and they are big on community service. The prompt is something like 'Why is service to others important to you?' There is also a prompt on how Virginia Tech being a senior military college will affect your college experience. You could write about how being a cadet will help you to achieve your career goals. You can find the essay prompts online if you want to get ahead on your application.

    That's just some advice I have been given, and it worked out for me. Good Luck!
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  • ShenVal18ShenVal18 465 replies4 threads Member
    @sueisa I would think the combo of first gen, underrepresented, music, sports, and interest in CoC could be very appealing to admissions.

    Does your school use Naviance or another similar tool that guidance uses? That's your best source to see what your chances are since admissions statistics are specific to your high school. That can shed some light on whether VT is a reach for you or not.
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  • coolguy40coolguy40 3058 replies8 threads Senior Member
    Prepscholar has your chances at of getting in at 51%. Those are pretty good odds.
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