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Chances for vt?

glfr4lifeglfr4life 13 replies7 threads New Member
edited July 2007 in Virginia Tech
3.5 UW 3.7 W
SAT 650(M)710(V)680(W)
SAT II (U.S)- 690
SAT II (Lit)- 720
SAT II (Math 2)-670
Will have completed 9 ap classes by graduation(euro-3, eng lang/lit-3, span lang,calc ab, u.s-4, gov, psych, chem)

Coordinator of high school leadership workshop
section editor for yearbook
held other offices for honor societies etc
Volunteer at local hospital
Have held a part time job every summer
edited July 2007
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Replies to: Chances for vt?

  • newbievanewbieva 91 replies13 threads Junior Member
    Keep up your grades and you should be fine
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  • Zimmer07Zimmer07 631 replies12 threads Member
    You look fine, esp for in state. Any particular school you want to apply to? Although it really doesn't matter since if you don't get in to engineering (probably the hardest to get into), you are automatically considered for University Studies. Good luck.

    When we were there for new student orientation, I think I heard that the average gpa of the incoming freshman class is 3.5.
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  • glfr4lifeglfr4life 13 replies7 threads New Member
    I am actually interested in business, but I know you can't directly apply into that particular school. Also, I don't know if this helps my case but both of my brothers graduated from tech.
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  • Zimmer07Zimmer07 631 replies12 threads Member
    I think you do apply directly to Pamplin. Adding in your legacy (siblings), you are good to go. Check the application, but I'm pretty sure that you do choose a school to apply to and if for some reason you don't make it into that particular school, you get rolled over into University Studies where the criteria is a bit less stringent.
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  • septembermomseptembermom 209 replies24 threads Junior Member
    You can definitely apply right into Pamplin and even choose area you are interested in as a freshman (finance,IT, acccounting, etc.). This is somewhat unusual, many business programs will ask that you apply into school after freshman year. The do require that you maintain 2.0 GPA to remain in program.
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  • glfr4lifeglfr4life 13 replies7 threads New Member
    do you think it would be difficult to double major in business and a social science(psych, history,etc)? or would that be impossible because that would be majors from two different schools?
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  • chuychuy 3855 replies62 threads Senior Member
    It would be possible, but like you said there isn't going to be a huge amount of overlap between the two... Are you willing to take a couple classes over summers, along with heavy course loads? That's speed things up for you. Still, it would be very hard (this is just an educated guess) to double major in those two and graduate in four years. Possible, but very hard.
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  • Zimmer07Zimmer07 631 replies12 threads Member
    It will be slightly easier with a few of your AP courses fulfilling some of the initial requirements. If you are in Honors, you will get a COSP (Course of Study Planner) which is a large sheet on which you basically plan out the courses to take every semester for all four years. Even if you are not in Honors, you can sign up to get a COSP and I highly recommend it. That way you will be able to see just how you can fit your major or double major, minors, semester abroad, and the core requirements in 4 or possibly 5 years.

    Chuy makes a very good point that there is not much overlap in Bus and History. Not like there would be in Bus and Economics or Engineering and CompSci. Without the overlap of some common courses between the two subjects, you will need to plan your time very carefully. If the load will be too much, then definitely consider a minor instead.

    The 4 you got in US history and hopefully you will get in Gov will put you about a third to halfway through a history minor. The 3's in anything won't do much for you unfortunately.
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  • glfr4lifeglfr4life 13 replies7 threads New Member
    Thanks for the suggestion Zimmer07!! I will keep all of this in mind when filling out my application. Having a minor in a social science might actually make more sense than trying to double major.
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  • MenehuneMenehune 50 replies5 threads Junior Member
    If you want to double major make sure you get into pamplin and not the social science college (don't remember what it's called). Pamplin is a closed college meaning you can't major in something like biology and later double major in business (the biobusiness program was shut down). If you do get into pamplin I'm pretty sure you could double major in anything except engineering so I wouldn't stress about getting into the social sciences.
    Go Hokies!!!!
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