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Vt v. GMU

harlequingirlharlequingirl 8 replies4 threads New Member
edited May 2008 in Virginia Tech
So I'm contemplating transferring from GMU to VT... i already got in... and whats keeping me at GMU is the neuroscience classes...btu i heard tech has one of the best neuropsychology programs? can anyone give me more info on this? and any other info on why i should go to tech :) ?
edited May 2008
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Replies to: Vt v. GMU

  • esmitty01esmitty01 594 replies77 threads Member
    well VT would definately be a more real college experience in my opinion. Lots more fun, plus Tech is definately much more prestigous than GMU in almost everything, especially science/engineering.
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  • chuychuy 3855 replies62 threads Senior Member
    Have you been to campus? You should visit and see where you like better. I have a few friends that transferred from GMU and none of them seem to regret it.
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  • harlequingirlharlequingirl 8 replies4 threads New Member
    thanks guys!

    yeah i've been to campus since my brother goes there so when we help him move in i go. its a very pretty campuss. and everyone that ive tlked to seems to love it.

    i just wish i KNEW where i would be more successful haha
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  • Koshi90Koshi90 53 replies11 threads Junior Member
    I think Virginia Tech has a stronger reputation. Tech is also much more school-spirited and more involved.
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  • rmatairmatai 26 replies20 threads Junior Member
    Well i chose GMU because VT's spirit was really overbearing, also the people there and giving the tours just turned me off because they seemed so...I don't know not personable I guess. Plus GMU has a better Neuroscience program (the professors are all Ivy grads and pioneers in their fields and a pretty new neurosci lab) and there are a lot more opportunities for students close to D.C. rather than being stuck in Blacksburg, but's that's just my opinion.
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  • KandKsmomKandKsmom 1060 replies117 threads Senior Member
    rmatai, Good luck at GMU. It sounds like you put a lot of thought into what would make you feel right about your choice. Although what turned you off about VT was what turned my kid on (he loved the school spirit and the people he met on his tour), everyone has to go with their gut. Don't feel the need to justify it to anyone. Do great things up there in Fairfax!
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