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Chances for Engineering Program

fiN01fiN01 291 replies47 threads Member
edited December 2008 in Virginia Tech
Currently a junior, race second-generation Hispanic (dad is Salvadorian, mom is Mexican)
Location: Germantown, Tennessee (suburb of Memphis)
GPA: unweighted 3.34, weighted 3.7 something (sorry forgot lol). My school uses a very tough grading system where 93-100 is an A and 85-92 is a B. I also go to one of the top 5 public schools in Tennessee.
Class Rank: 186/566
Avg. Grade: 91.09
Honors I've Taken: Honors Geometry, Honors English, Honors Biology, Honors Chemistry, Honors Spanish III, Honors Algebra II
Honors Currently Taking: Honors Pre-Calculus, Honors Spanish IV
APs I'm Taking: AP Chem, AP Bio
Next Year's Honors/AP: AP Calc BC, Ap Physics C: Mech, AP Statistics
my grades have definitely improved a LOT since freshman/sophmore year. 1st semester this year got all As and 1 B.
SAT: 800-M/640-R (yuck)/740-W (10 on essay)
ACT: 30 overall :/
PSAT: 206 overall
EC: Member of Model United Nations, member of 30+ Club, member of the high school bowling team. I have been bowling since 2000 and have won numerous citywide and statewide competitions and also a scholarship. I also play tennis and raquetball recreationally. I'm planning to get a lot of service hours this summer once I'm done studying for my AP exams, and also I'm going to 2 engineering-related summer camps.
Other: 2nd statewide in the National Spanish Exam, 2007, National Hispanic Scholar, National Commended Student
Intended Major: Materials Science/Enginnering or Chemical Engineering. I'm very interested in nanotechnology.
edited December 2008
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Replies to: Chances for Engineering Program

  • brasilisnumba1brasilisnumba1 16 replies0 threads New Member
    id say ur alright...just keep up the good work
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  • chuychuy 3855 replies62 threads Senior Member
    Your ethnicity is going to help you out big time but your GPA is still a little low. If you can bring that up a bit and maybe squeeze a couple extra points out of the reading section of the SAT (a 1440 is excellent, it's just that since VT will take your best score from each section of the test you could retake it focusing on the reading and maybe improve your chances) I think you'll be alright. Your upwards trend sure won't hurt and I'd make sure to mention it, since VT admissions don't always look into things as much as they could/should.

    Also, I'm in MSE. It's a great program if you do decide to come here. Especially if you get active. If you've got any MSE questions you can either ask them here or PM them to me. If you plan on visiting campus during the school year let me know and I can set up a "recruitment" thing. A couple people from MSE will take you out to lunch and you'll get to talk with a professor or two.

    Edit: That is to say, I think your chances right now are very good, but they'll be very VERY good if you pull that GPA up a little. I don't know where you could mention it but if you can DO mention your schools grading system.
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  • esmitty01esmitty01 594 replies77 threads Member
    you'll be fine. i had same exact gpa, and lower sat's 1350/1990, and got in. Also got scholarship and honors program
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  • MauriceAFMauriceAF 16 replies3 threads New Member
    The numbers are much higher than mine, but tech doesnt just look at numbers. I had a lot of community service, and they loved my sob-story. They say they like variety, like chuy said, they'll like your ethincity. my best advise is to not stress (which makes me ahypocrite, but....).
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  • fiN01fiN01 291 replies47 threads Member
    My GPA went up to 3.42 and my average grade went up to a 91.68. I'm assuming that will only help but I would still like to see what my chances are for the honors college.
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  • fiN01fiN01 291 replies47 threads Member
    b u m p
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  • fiN01fiN01 291 replies47 threads Member
    huge bump but this is my #1 choice school, I will be devastated if I don't get into engineering first try...
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  • chuychuy 3855 replies62 threads Senior Member
    Obviously it'll help. I think you're a very strong candidate and really all you can do is wait and see. You DID send in that ACT score, correct?
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