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Columbia College Chicago vs. Syracuse for film (BFA)

rolievarolieva 0 replies1 threads New Member
Hey guys

I'm an international student and currently looking for a transfer
and I've done research on film schools for more than a half year
However, based on my poor as hell GPA on my last year college,
I think I pretty much lose my chances to pursue some of the top schools
(My high school GPA is okay which is 3.3, my freshmen year is also fine,
but since I'd put all my passion on learning filming skills by my own, my overall 2 years college GPA would be like 2.0)

So back to the topic,
I've just being accepted by CCC, and I actually love this school a lot that I've been to their open house and so far so good
but since Syracuse still receiving applications and I know they also have a nice film program
so it makes me feel hard to decide whether should I apply Syracuse as well?

I feel CCC has put a lot of resources on their film program, but I'm not sure about Syracuse?
Study abroad is a big thing for me, so I don't want to go to the school only for its big name
I want my tuition can be paid off, please give me some comments and advice, thanks!

(Btw, here is my portfolio for CCC, if anyone wants to take a look, please do.)
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