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Art School admission 2017


Replies to: Art School admission 2017

  • BrooklynRyeBrooklynRye Registered User Posts: 327 Member
    Of course there are more than 1 student from individual States. Remember, my projections assume at least 1 student from each of the 50 States. As you cite, UVA Arts only reports students from 39 states. So if there are approximately 375 OOS students (VCU Arts reported numbers, not mine) and as many as 2 from each of the 39 foreign countries (some more, some less), there could be upwards of 8 or even more students from any one of the 39 States reported by the school.

    Btw, there is no shame in attending a school with a high percentage of in-State students. Many of us (my daughter included) do so for economic and other reasons. The shame is in misrepresenting facts and data while randomly championing a particular school even in the face of empirical evidence to the contrary, and even if the information has no relation to the OP and/or is carried to such an extreme so as to render the opinion and the information worthless.
  • stones3stones3 Registered User Posts: 718 Member
    edited October 2016
    "shame" ????? where do you get off? VCUARTS #2 ranked art and design school in the united states along with UCLA and behind Yale. #1 ranked public art and design school in all of America. Fact as ranked by USNWR best grad programs in America. And I can see why you have such a difficult time with this as it doesn't conform to YOUR view but then again I'll take a peer ranking over your view any day. As for your foolish account of OOS vs ISS , your
    arguments don't hold any water and you leave out any proof. At least I am talking from personal experience and in fact most of the kids I have met at the artist colony are OOS . Just a fact. But its really neither here or there and in no uncertain terms should anyone choose a school based on how many OOS or ISS it has. That would be foolish.
    Rather look at the depth of its course offerings, facilities, rankings (yes I said rankings), cost, ROI and for goodness sake go see the school in session over a couple of days. BTW there is no shame in attending any of the top ranked schools, for anyone.
  • BrooklynRyeBrooklynRye Registered User Posts: 327 Member
    Your back must be in a perpetual state of fracture due to your absurd bending over backwards to justify your choice of schools. You interject pitches, backed with all manner of distorted, inaccurate and plain false statements, regardless of relevance to the thread or to posters. It is due to this extreme overjustification that I made my statement regarding attendance at OOS public colleges. There is definitely a stigma for many parents and students in connection with in-state schools as well as at OOS public schools made up of predominantly in-state students. Otherwise, why the urgency on your part to inaccurately cite the abundance of OOS students? Of course you are doing this, however inaccurately, to bolster what you perceive as a lacking at VCU Arts.

    And, of course, you once again cite and champion GRADUATE school rankings. Don't you get ever get tired of citing these irrelevant stats and then justifying them through all manner of tortured rationalizations? There are NO generally accepted rankings for dedicated art school UNDERGRADUATE schools.

    Am curious though (as I think this goes toward your irrationality in this area) as what exactly you think my "view" is? What exactly are you talking about? Seriously, doubt you will post a cogent, let alone accurate answer.

    My calculations of the number of OOS students are based on the numbers and percentages provided by VCU Arts (and, ironically, by you). It is straightforward math and quite dispositive. Approximately 9 of every 10 VCU Arts student are OOS. This is not in conflict with anything you have posted about your personal experiences. There may still be a significant number of OOS, certainly in excess of 375 or so. There are also international students added to the mix. Your opinions regarding the proportion of OOS students is totally anecdotal, e.g., who you met while you were visiting the school. But more, your opinions do not disprove the facts based on the statistics provided by the school itself as well as by you.

    Again, while it may be "foolish" in your estimation to select a school based on public vs. private or based on the proportion of OOS to in-state, the FACT is that many parents and students make such a calculation. I don't find this foolish at all and can cite many valid reasons, both personal, academic, social and otherwise, as to why people might make such a choice based on such factors.

    I feel much better now that we have mutually reassured each other about our choice of schools.
  • stones3stones3 Registered User Posts: 718 Member
    Your calculations????Your calculations??? Lets move on already. Good luck to all that are attending any of these top schools.
  • BrooklynRyeBrooklynRye Registered User Posts: 327 Member
  • stones3stones3 Registered User Posts: 718 Member
    and so on . LOL Last word much.... lol.
  • BrooklynRyeBrooklynRye Registered User Posts: 327 Member
    You don't even see the delicious irony of your last post...
  • stones3stones3 Registered User Posts: 718 Member
    last word
  • uskoolfishuskoolfish Registered User Posts: 2,715 Senior Member
  • lsichitiulsichitiu Registered User Posts: 69 Junior Member
    I am so saddened by the fact that two members decided to hijack my thread for their personal vendetta. This thread was meant for the seniors and their parents to share their plans for college. I thank the members that shared their experiences with art school applications. Thank you @JBStillFlying and @spoonyi
  • stones3stones3 Registered User Posts: 718 Member
    edited November 2016
    to be clear Isichitiu. I provided real accurate information and answered a question directly regarding one of the top schools . One that my D attends . The rest is unfortunate nonsense facilitated by posters on going misinformation campaign. Wish the OP all the best and as always available via PM if any questions about the terrific program at VCUARTS.
  • moonpiemoonpie Registered User Posts: 485 Member
    Ok.... So not jumping on the VCUARTS train. But I do have a daughter applying to art schools. We have visited SCAD, SAIC, Columbia Chicago, RISD/Brown, Pratt, SVA, Parsons, and Pratt. We have visited state school -Memphis College of Art- as a sophomore. She's also applying to USC, CalArts, Laguna, and Ohio State (her focus in Animation programs). Her number 1 choice is CalArts, but will wait to visit if accepted only. So far of visited schools, she likes SVA the best. The process is quite daunting, and time consuming!!! So much harder than my older girls who went the academic route! She attended NPD a couple of weeks ago and SAIC accepted her portfolio for admission (I have no idea if this is even a big deal, but nice to get that letter in the mail!) so that was nice to have that feedback. LOTS of work to do in the next few weeks!!! Looking forward to seeing where people end up and advice from people who've "been there done that!"
  • spoonyjspoonyj Registered User Posts: 344 Member
    edited November 2016
    @moonpie The SAIC letter is a nice feather in the cap, but it's not all that uncommon for them to offer admission at NPD. More telling will be the merit money they offer later on. Still, the letter is an encouraging sign. Your daughter will have a lot of choices, no doubt. Did you give any thought to Ringling? It's one of the best computer animation programs in the nation.
  • BrooklynRyeBrooklynRye Registered User Posts: 327 Member
    Our son did the precollege at SVA in 3D Animation. If you have any questions about the school or the area, please feel free. We were also told by the profs during the summer that there is a lot of cool animation production going on in the NY Tristate and that they have a lot of students pulled from SVA. Good luck!
  • moonpiemoonpie Registered User Posts: 485 Member
    @spoonyj oops!! I forgot to mention she toured Ringling! She felt it was not for her, because their focus is on 3D and she is more interested in 2D. She talked very frankly to several people there about what she could do, and they suggested a combination major of illustration and animation. That kind of turned her off. She truly is gifted at 2-d, story boards and characters! But she has also won some traditional (local) competitions for oils, and felt that her love for traditional art may not be fostered there.... I did not get that feeling, but she was completely turned off be the feel of the school. Also she hates hot weather, lol (I am still making her apply because her grandparents live 30 minutes away, lol). @BrooklynRye she LOVED SVA and feels that is is a top choice. She got around NYC like a pro, was not afraid of the subways, crowds, or area at all. In fact, she loved it. My best friend of 36 years lives 7 stops and 7 blocks away, so that's very helpful. I am so anxious about this whole process!!!
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