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Pratt Institute vs SUNY New Paltz vs RIT

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Hello CC’ers,

I have applied and been accepted to a few colleges after gap year and would like to know from other students what the schools are like and the outcome. I have some other acceptances but ruled them out either due to cost or preferring these schools.

Would be going into foundation year as I’m not completely decided on major, but I’m skilled at drawing/painting and looking at fields that can incorporate it. I’m a Westcheter NY resident and qualify for Pell/TAP.

19K presidential scholarship. Still waiting on financial aid from Brooklyn. I do have option of MWP which would cost 24K/year before loans/work. (Anyone from there know about that school?)
Dedicated art school, more students I can relate to. Love the size, NYC location, student work and the campus. Widest variety of great programs (especially interested in offerings at design school such as ID, Graphic Design, Animation etc.). Seems to have best career services center and job placement. AP Art teacher went there and had nothing but good things to say, recommended it most. Looked like a great fit.

Cons: Weaker Liberal Arts/less college credit. No private studio early on. Would require about standard amount of debt.

12K Founder’s Scholarship. Still waiting on need-based aid.

Pros: Co-op opportunities very good so can earn money/work experience early on. Has most high-tech and up-to-date facilities. Strong especially in animation and new media.

Cons: Farthest from home (5 hours when other two are 1.5 hrs), relatively large student body (are classes big?), isolated location. Loans also likely.

New Paltz:
Cheap! Total cost of 11K per year. Most likely wouldn’t require any debt.
Pros: Very nice town with things to do on campus but still close to NYC for class museum trips or internships. As it’s a university there’s a stronger liberal arts as well as studio, especially with honors program. Would enter with a substantial amount of college credit. Small classes. Very strong in Graphic Design.

Cons: School’s pretty much unknown outside of downstate NY so will that affect job opportunities? Program also seems more interdisciplinary/less focused.

Just wanted to know your opinions on them. I think I’d be very happy at any of these schools. Most important question is its worth going to Pratt/RIT for better future opportunities that would make it significantly better than New Paltz with low cost. I may visit a second time.
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