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Columbia College Chicago or Pratt Institute???

georgiehartgeorgiehart 0 replies1 threadsRegistered User New Member

I got into both Columbia College Chicago and Pratt Institute both for the film programs. I am aware that CCC takes anyone, but they also have a good film program. Pratt is more prestigious and has name recognition. I am interested in directing/writing both live action AND animation. I’m conflicted on which of the two to go to. If anyone has any opinion at all, please let me know! Thank you!!!
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Replies to: Columbia College Chicago or Pratt Institute???

  • Sparkle8Sparkle8 58 replies12 threadsRegistered User Junior Member
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    I went to Columbia College many moons ago. I don't know much about Pratt but I can tell you the nice thing about Columbia is that most of the teachers actually do what they teach. My teachers were actual radio hosts, tv reporters, producers and one of them was an actor (he taught improve) who ended up on the show 30 Rock. My husband is in television production and many of his colleagues went there. Chicago is also nice as I found it less competitive than learning in NY or LA, was easier to spread wings there and there seems to be more opportunities for internships without as much competition. Hope that helps.
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  • madgemini4madgemini4 167 replies3 threadsRegistered User Junior Member
    I think the two schools are apple/orange comparison. CCC was one of my D’s choices last year (she ended up at MassArt). I was very impressed by their facilities and everyone we met in admissions. Yes they have a high acceptance rate as you mention, but it looks like a motivated student could take advantage of many great opportunities there.

    Pratt is a highly regarded art school, but I don’t know if their film program is as career-focused as CCC’s seems to be. You’ll likely spend less money at CCC. Also Pratt has a Foundation year that probably even film students need to take (though I could be wrong). You may not be doing much film/writing your first year at Pratt, whereas it sounds like CCC has you jumping into your major early on.

    So while I don’t have first-hand experience (though my husband graduated from Pratt decades ago and has a successful design career) with either school, I think CCC might be the better choice for your particular goal and focus. Hope this helps!
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