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Industrial Design Major W/O Portfolio?

FakeName1332FakeName1332 201 replies31 postsRegistered User Junior Member
I spent a good amount of time trying to figure out where to post this, but I still don't really know. Please move this if it's in the wrong place!

I recently fell in love with the "Industrial Design" or "Product Design" major offered by many schools across the U.S. (CMU, UDub, ASU, Pratt, UofM, Stanford, etc). The problem is, I am by no means an art student. I've done online high school and have no kind of a portfolio that these schools ask for. I am interested in this major because it isn't the typical 'arts' class and has more of an entrepreneurial aspect to it. It would teach me how to pursue my ideas in a great environment with plenty of opportunities. I would say I'm creative, but I was never interested in videography or art, hence the lack of a portfolio.

So, is there any way that I can be an Industrial Design major without an art portfolio? Surely there are some of these programs that don't require a portfolio? Maybe something similar to it?

I do not want to create a portfolio before college, but I would be more-than-willing to learn how to draw in the program. I have no real experience in it, though.

Thank you!
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Replies to: Industrial Design Major W/O Portfolio?

  • f2000saf2000sa 1090 replies59 postsRegistered User Senior Member
    There are many ID programs that do not require portfolio. for example, Georgia Tech. etc.
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  • FakeName1332FakeName1332 201 replies31 postsRegistered User Junior Member
    Awesome! I'll do some college searching and figure out what my options (schools that don't require portfolio) are!

    Feel free to lock this post mods:)
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  • jendrawsjendraws 2 replies0 postsRegistered User New Member
    The key to finding a school without a portfolio is university vs. art school. Art schools such as Pratt will require a portfolio while may university programs have a foundation year where you develop your portfolio then apply to your major. The downside is that if you don't do well, you may not be accepted into the program. The upside is that you will be exposed to other design majors and could choose another.

    Georgia Tech does ask for a portfolio for industrial design after they've accepted your general application BTW. My son applied there.Most tech schools ask for portfolio. RIT also required portfolio submission. Auburn, ASU and Iowa State do not require portfolios.

    Good luck! If you love design, there are lots of design jobs our there. Jump on a job search engine and search design jobs for more ideas.
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  • Googie31Googie31 51 replies0 postsRegistered User Junior Member
    When my daughter was applying (2014-15, she just graduated) Drexel did not require a portfolio for Industrial Design. I think they still do not require one. She applied there as well as RIT, which did and still does require a portfolio.

    When were planning on applying? Maybe you can put a portfolio together. D kind of threw one together at the last minute for a National Portfolio Day - really just gathered work she had already done. You may try that and I would encourage you to attend the portfolio review if you can. It is not just for Art Schools. She was essentially accepted that day.

    Good Luck. D loved her ID program.
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  • FakeName1332FakeName1332 201 replies31 postsRegistered User Junior Member
    I appreciate all the comments on this thread! Here's a quick update:

    I was able to find some schools that do not require a portfolio (as far as I know), and I found some great majors that are similar and don't require a portfolio!

    Stanford- Product Design
    Brown- Behavioral Decision Sciences: Early Decision

    Babson- Technology, Entrepreneurship, and Design
    Northeastern- I love so many
    U Washington- Industrial Design
    Penn State University Park- Corporate Innovation and Entrepreneurship

    ASU- Industrial Design
    U San Fran- Entrepreneurship and Innovation
    Chapman- Behavioral and Computational Economics
    Western Washington University- Industrial Design

    Waterloo- Global Business and Digital Arts
    McGill- Entrepreneurship
    Simon Fraser- Interactive Arts, Technology and Business

    I'm really happy with how this turned out, because I was able to get some good ID courses as well as some slightly different cour
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  • hvnyHS2UnihvnyHS2Uni 4 replies2 postsRegistered User New Member
    My son realized that ID was his top interest fairly late in the college application process, so didn't really have time to put together a competitive portfolio. He is headed to Virginia Tech in the fall. They do not require (or accept) a portfolio, I believe on the premise that not everyone has access to good art instruction in HS and that the skills can be taught. Admission is based on GPA and test scores and essays. University of Cincinnati is another top ID and architecture program that does not require portfolio. Co-op program. He was also accepted into Western Washington University, which requires a portfolio to be accepted as an ID "pre-major." There is another portfolio review to continue into the major. He got scared off by this winnowing process, but it seems like a great program and location.
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