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What are my chances(art school) and some questions

JasminneJasminne 0 replies1 threads New Member
First off, i'm sorry if this post doesn't belong here.
I am interested in the Cleveland Institute of Art and the Moore College of Art and Design. Pratt is my dream school, but it's not anything to worry about getting into. It just would be a really amazing thing and open a lot of doors for me.

**I will most likely be attending the CIA summer program for 2 weeks to gain college credit and help build my portfolio**
**I also make more niche art for a fandom i'm in so I know I will have some artsy people connections and a way to make some money. I am very passionate about it.

Hi. I am an incoming senior and have been pretty diligent with the prep for the college app so far. I will be taking AP art next year and am confident I will have art to submit in my portfolio. I am a female from Ohio, middle income. I am not an outstanding artist or anything, but I am very passionate about it.

But I have a lot of questions. Even though some of them are pretty dumb I just want some opinions.
*What would you say about double majoring in art school?
*What is the workload like?
*is getting a major and 1 or 2 minors feasible? I say this because I am interested in fine or digital art as a major. As well as maybe Animation or Photography and Film as a minor.
Pls give your experiences if you are looking to attend art schools or have attended. The more info I get the merrier.

I will also be attending a technical school for my senior year of high school to get a certificate in digital art/design.
My teacher graduated from RISD and has a lot of professional experience, I am very thankful that she will be here to help me with the college app process. I understand that I do have quite a bit of resources to use in this process. It's just I have to scram and get a portfolio together before early decisions most likely.

Thank You!!!
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