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Which Colleges Can I Get Into/apply for (Art Degree)?

SailwiththeMASTSailwiththeMAST 3 replies2 threads New Member
Hey! I am looking for colleges that I have a realistic chance that I can get into that have a good fine arts program, or illustration. I am also interested in Environmental Science, I would love to dual degree with Brown and Rhode Island School of Design (RISD), but with my stats it seems unrealistic, especially as a senior applying to colleges right now.
GPA: 3.85 UW, 4.0 W
ACT: 26 (Taking again in October)
Class Rank: 21/263
My parents make around $60k a year, and I am eligible for around 3.5k in Pell Grant. I think around 70% of my school receive reduced/free lunch (but take that with a grain of salt, I'd have to ask again to be sure)
AP/ Advanced Classes taken:
Advanced English 1 and Pre-Ap Biology
Advanced Algebra II, Pre-Ap English, and Ap United States History (no test taken)
Quantitative Reasoning/Statistics (Dual Enrollment with community college), AP English Lang (Score of 3), AP Biology (no test), AP Environmental Science (Failed...2), and AP Government (actually took with dual enrollment). I also took the AP 2D Art test without taking the class, passed with a score of 4
AP Calculus (AB, I think), College Algebra (dual credit, I believe), and College Prep English (also dual credit)

Library Club (Epsilon Beta)
State Secretary my sophomore year, and local co-historian my senior year
Art Club
I am running for president this year (not yet elected, but fingers crossed until next Wednesday)
Science National Honors Society
Academic Team

I have not have a job, mainly because I only have a driver's permit and not a license.
I did do a 6 week summer precollege with RISD, where I did receive a full scholarship to go
I also won a National Scholastic Art and Writing Award, Regionally I won gold, then won silver Nationally (which puts me in the top 1%).

I am in Upward Bound, a government program for low-income and first generation college students. I qualified because of low-income, not first gen.

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Replies to: Which Colleges Can I Get Into/apply for (Art Degree)?

  • JBStillFlyingJBStillFlying 7771 replies24 threads Senior Member
    OP have you considered your own state university, or are you looking more at private? Also, are you looking at liberal arts colleges with a good art department or universities with a school of art?
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  • SailwiththeMASTSailwiththeMAST 3 replies2 threads New Member
    I am open to anything, I think I'm leaning more towards public colleges because I'm looking for good financial aid.
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  • JBStillFlyingJBStillFlying 7771 replies24 threads Senior Member
    OP, a public college in your state is going to give you a break on tuition. A public college in another state may not. So just be aware of that. Others can chime in with suggestions for public schools and how much merit is available. You should obviously check out the public uni's in your state. Check out MassArt as well, as that is a dedicated public school of art. SUNY New Paltz, VCUArts, and Tyler (Temple) are three other options. Many state uni's, including flagships, will have NASAD-accredited art/design schools. The current list of public and private can be found here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/National_Association_of_Schools_of_Art_and_Design

    You may wish to spend a few weeks narrowing down your list of potential schools. Once you've identified your targets of interest, consider attending an upcoming National Portfolio Day in order to have them look over your work and give you feedback. Information can be found here:

    Most schools of art and design will also publish their NPD schedule as well. Even if the upcoming year isn't posted yet, looking at last year's will be helpful as long as they don't change the schedule from year to year (most don't).

    Good luck!
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