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Film Department/School Rankings?

popnpoperpopnpoper 85 replies39 threads Junior Member
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How does one go about finding which school is the 'best' for film

And what qualifies a school being the best?

Please don't just tell me USC/NYU is the best...I'm looking elsewhere.

Is there a ranking system at all? Is reputability about a degree a significant factor?

Thanks for any help
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Replies to: Film Department/School Rankings?

  • kittybrokittybro 33 replies0 threads Junior Member
    I don't know if there is a listing but if you are serious then just first start of with who are your favorite directors and look where they went. Then check that school out. See how their program works and if they give you enough freedom and equipment. Certain schools are limited in supplies so they can't allow each student to create a short film and instead make them work into groups. Others have lots of equipment and sets for their students to work in independently or in groups if they so wish. I know that other than NYU, Columbia is said to have a good Film program. Art Center is an art school with a film program that is amazing but only accepts the top tier students (i think like 6 or so ) under rolling admissions.

    Also try to find a school that has good connections with the industry, especially helpful if the school is located near the industry (near LA or NYC). This will help you not only get jobs but internships that will be really helpful to your education.

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  • NesterNester 805 replies57 threads Member
    There is the obvious Columbia, UCLA, Florida State, Chapman, UT, North Carolina School for the Arts kind of list, and then there is the much broader list posted at the top of this board. The thing is, good film programs are housed in widely different universities. If you give more of a sense of what you're looking for and why you're not looking at NYU and USC, which are stand outs on the first list, it would be helpful. Also, are you wanting emphasize film production or film studies?
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  • digmediadigmedia 3123 replies209 threads Senior Member
    ^^ Ditto on Nester's comments. I would also recommend looking beyond the traditional "film" major to something like Ohio University's Media Arts program, which includes broadcast production as well. These days, with digital recording technologies, computer-based effects, digital coloring, and non-linear editing, the line between producing for TV vs. producing for film is blurred.

    Also, see my comment here: http://talk.collegeconfidential.com/visual-arts-film-majors/773936-film-major-production.html#post1063190516
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  • TheresaCPATheresaCPA 649 replies12 threads Member
    University of Chicago has a serious way too serious film study program. They have a super museum type collection of films.

    For a good program in Film Studies you have to look to Iowa, U of Iowa has film studies with critique and writing about films etc. like to be the next Gene Siskle. Part writing, part journalism part study of film.
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  • studiomomstudiomom 140 replies61 threads Junior Member
    Wesleyan is top-notch for film if you are looking for a liberal arts college.
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  • timelytimely 1463 replies150 threads Senior Member
    I have looked online several times for some kind of film school ranking, and I don't believe one exists. If it does, it was just put together by someone like you or me who did it based on their opinion.

    Here is a list of finalists for student Academy Awards this year. It lists where each finalist attends school. That could tell you something!

    Academy Announces Finalists for 2009 Student Academy Awards® | Press Release | AMPAS
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