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How is the University of Michigan's art program?

xAbbyxxAbbyx 4 replies4 threads New Member
If I'm looking to dual-major in Illustration and Business, is this a good place to go? Also, does anyone have an experience with the art program here, or know a little bit about it? Thanks so much!
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Replies to: How is the University of Michigan's art program?

  • xAbbyxxAbbyx 4 replies4 threads New Member
    Also, does anyone know how the University of Texas' programs compare?
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  • WheatyWheaty 485 replies35 threads Member

    I know Michigan's biz school is very highly ranked but I don't know much about their art school. However, we can learn a lot from their website.

    1) They have a separate school of art. To me this is always a strong indicator for a university because it shows a level of commitment to art. At the very least they are throwing money at this area of study. Here's UM's School of Art:
    University of Michigan - School of Art & Design

    2) Look at the faculty and staff. UM's art school is very large! Look how many faculty members they have:
    A&D - Faculty Directory

    3) Now click on faculty members and get a feel for their backgrounds. Google them and look at their work.

    4) Really dig through a schools entire site. Click on every picture of student or faculty art. Does it match with where you want to go?

    This method can help you narrow a list of potential schools.

    I've never been to UM but I would guess (by going through the above steps) they have a very good art program. Certainly it's a place where you would grow as an artist.

    I don't know what your goals are as a biz/artist major but a school like UM would give you a great base to build on. What if you dual majored at let's say Michigan and then got your MFA at RISD or CalArts? How cool would that be?

    Okay your turn now... go dig through U of Texas' website and report back with your findings.


    PS. Maybe add U of Penn (Wharton biz school) and Cal-Berkeley (Haas biz school) to your list to research.
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  • xAbbyxxAbbyx 4 replies4 threads New Member

    Thank you SO much! This is a huge help.
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