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Scholarship Portfolio examples

parlskyparlsky Registered User Posts: 37 Junior Member
edited December 2010 in Visual Arts and Film Majors
I've been lurking around here for a while and finally decided to go ahead and post.

I was wondering if anyone knew a good place to find posted scholarship award-winning entry portfolios? I've found a few here and there, the biggest I've found so far is on the conceptart.org site, but I'm looking for high dollar award scholarships.

Just to give details on why I'm looking for that specifically; I'm a non-traditional student returning to art school 16 years after dropping out originally (CCAD). Didnt even make it a year, just wasnt ready for the commitment at the time. Needless to say, ruined my GPA, and lost my scholarship. Now, I'm looking to leave my lucrative but unfullfilling career in IT and hit school full time. I make decent money now so my EFC is high, but once I start back in school it's going to just be my wife's income, and she doesnt make nearly as much as I. I've also got a 13 year old son. Those facts being what they are, I'm going to need to score a significant scholarship if I'm going to be able to go back to a private art school.

I'm not worried about admissions, I've been a practicing artist, albeit amateur, this entire time and have solid representational art skills, a wide variety of experience in different media, and a nice list of "extracurricular" activities. But I'm trying to gauge where I need to be to land a good scholarship and seeing current examples would help immensely.

If anyone else has been through a similar process to me and feels like sharing any insight, I'd be more than grateful.
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Replies to: Scholarship Portfolio examples

  • ornithesornithes Registered User Posts: 41 Junior Member
    As far as conceptart.org goes, that is probably the best source for portfolio examples because on this site, there really aren't many art applicants and those who are won't post their portfolios.

    Not to sound too harsh, but don't rely on finding any high-dollar scholarships. Large scholarships are highly lucrative and typically reserved for first time freshman, returning undergrads, or graduate students. I would highly recommend creating an account with fastweb.com, it's free, and it will do daily searches for scholarships that work for your specifications (major/age/interest). Scholarships that award tens of thousands of dollars all receive tens of thousands of applicants and even with a stellar portfolio, most are essay based- even for art schools. Your best bet would be to look for scholarships geared for adult students or try applying for many smaller scholarships with smaller applicant pools. I'm going to be applying to colleges next year and this past year I applied to 40 small scholarships/grants, got 8, which equates to about $10,000. Some only awarded $250, $500 others I got $3,000. Also, consider financial aid. You will probably be award some, depending on how much your wife earns once you leave your job, and it will be easier to maintain receiving yearly financial aid than scrounging over whether or not you will be award scholarships.
  • bears and dogsbears and dogs - Posts: 3,076 Senior Member
    I know it is a wrong thing to ask at the moment but do tell,
    why do you want/ need to go back to school if you are already practicing artist and having OK living doing day job?
    what are you aspiring to achieve with college degree (BFA?)?
    you are one brave soul, I wish I had parent like that when I was 13.
    It will be hard having less material comfort when you are teenager because of your parents' decision, but how much better to see your dad doing what he really really wants to do...
    Daily weekly duty of playground and soccer games are done by now I suppose, you'd be THE role model for going for value of higher education, not giving up, working hard, loving life. awww.
    Let us know how it turns out !!
  • parlskyparlsky Registered User Posts: 37 Junior Member
    @ ornithes

    Absolutely true that the majority of large awards go to freshman and high school portfolio competitions. I'm targeting the school specific scholarships, and while I'm not holding my breath or betting it all on them, I'm confident that I'll be an appealing enough candidate. Some schools dont have anything for transfer or returning students, but I'll be applying to as many schools as I can afford. I got a decent award coming out of HS years back, and am so far beyond that now creatively, technically and maturity-wise. I've got time to sculpt a really stunning portfolio, I'm good at essays, have a very "colorful" past that lends weight to what I'm doing, and am taking classes at a local community college getting all A's. If it just doesnt work, there isnt enough money out there, well, I live in Ohio and there are some decent public schools I can definitely afford :)

    @ bears and dogs

    I think I've always had a bit of a chip on my shoulder since leaving school the first time. I have always claimed I would go back and finish what I started eventually. I've found that it's really hard to make the kind of progress I desire while working and only being able to make art in my spare time. The idea of being able to do it full time, and the creative avenues I could explore are exciting! I wound up in the career I'm in now solely because I needed a stable job with benefits and good pay for my son. Now he's older, and lives with his mother (my ex) and I'm just about ready to make a move. My son is actually thrilled that I'm going back to art school, and hopefully it will be setting a good example. My wife is really supportive too. She graduated the same school (some years after I attended) and wants to get her MFA, but refuses to do so until I've gotten my bachelors. Who knows, after she's gotten her MFA, maybe I'll shoot for mine too.

    Anyhow, seeing other award winning portfolios just gives an idea of what people are getting for what kind of work. It doesnt change my course of action at all. I'll just say from what I've seen that has been posted out there, it's been encouraging for me. I'll be going Fall 2011 at the earliest, so I've got time to hit up lots of portfolio days, get feedback from old teachers (and classmates who are now teachers!).
  • bears and dogsbears and dogs - Posts: 3,076 Senior Member
    seems gone away for now but this adult student poster from LA was insisting going to Ohio public school to do art. Maybe you two will meet. Ohio U, good grad school,too, he said.
    Ohio state was given good review in that artschool book and there is Ucin - taxguy to consider. I looked at schools in Idaho last night and was pretty impressed.
    Giant public schools in pretty much every states, so much too know. It must be totally overwhelming for HS kid with no prior experience and without help from those research fanatic helicopter parents.
    off topic here but kids, if I could do it, so can you.
    Look first for the Academics link, go for " major finder A to Z" or " areas of study" " programs offered" Art could be under "V" for visual art, " S" for studio art. "C" for communication, Sometimes school could be grouped with music and drama, sometimes with architecture. Some Unis have art major in both "school of art "and "college of art and science". either/ and /or BFA, BS, BA.
    See faculties link, do head-count and check what do they do and how legit they are. visiting, adjunct, or full fledged. open the link or google the person to see their works.
    See accreditation and affiliation, how long ago that happened.
    See students' works gallery
    See course listings, compare few years back if they are there as well.
    See virtual tour, look at student life links' photos. judge how much of true action or staged for photo op those are.
    After you are done handful schools, you can sort of tell which one seems more serious about their business but do go visit if you can, ask around, for anything made to sell schools could be misleading.
    Good luck.
  • quartetmomquartetmom Registered User Posts: 1 New Member
    bears and dogs: I'm a semi-"fanatical helicopter" mom who is trying to help her son who was raised overseas (see, I have an excuse) to consider different art programs. We are Idaho residents and have recently visited Boise State so I was very interested to read you comment on Idaho schools. Can you please expand on with what you were impressed? Thanks so much.
  • bears and dogsbears and dogs - Posts: 3,076 Senior Member
    visitor! with questions!!!
    where is the abroad? do tell!!
    do you read other thread as well?
    I just wrote what Japan's (I am Japanese) most celebrated artist did schooling wise is the "launch"thread. I bet he did not have his big break if he stayed in Japan.

    Idaho, I am at home and my system is ancient, can not navigate well those giant site.
    so this is what I can recall, I will revise it when I can (at work, cough cough)

    1. they got everything in somewhere in between few state schools, from film to interior design, not only basic fine art, like some state schools could offer.
    2. art department's web face graphic is not that awful. I have seen really bad ones on so-called good schools. I am visual biased, sucked by superficial thing-kind. thou if anyone wants to impress buyers, any art dept. should make their site pretty even rest of the school links are drab!!
    3. cheap!!
    4. gives you housing/meal plan options from beginning, and again, cheap.

    ^^all these should be considered based on what I had in my mind from the word "Idaho"=baked potato (sorry)
    there was this kid poster from Idaho whose parents WON'T let him or her go to college. The kid heard some sales rep speak about for profit shady artschool and wanted to go there, so asked about it in other thread.
    If it wasn't for this kid, I would never checked up what the kid's state schools are, like.
    because in this site, east coast folks tend to stick to east coast, unless have relative or parents' hometown, alma mater or something, except, of course California, and possibly DAAP.
    non-helicopted kids who can not leave their home state but wants to do art often do not know they got option in their backyard, because no one they knew ever majored art there or HS GCs have no art background.
    people still think if you want to study art, go to stand alone artschool and be a bum.

    have you been to other state/ art schools? how does Boise State major up?
    I won't get there in person nor need for that anymore but other folks could use the information.
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