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decision time

zoom1017zoom1017 Registered User Posts: 47 Junior Member
edited April 2006 in Wake Forest University
so ive gotten all my letters back and my only real options left are wake and miami(oh)... (i was waitlisted at both uva and emory), anywho, i applied to wake knowing very little about it, ive been looking into it a lot more and i knew wake had a small undergraduate student body but i didnt realize it was only around 4500, i also am a little worried about those compulsory freshmen seminars and the smaller classes because i have never been one to participate much in class as i tend to excel in more of an individual curriculum, im visiting this weekend actually to check out the campus (which im sure ill enjoy)

should i let those factors really sway my decision? i know wake is an AMAZING school and is far superior academically to miami, but miami was generous financially and i think i might enjoy the enviroment there more, i want to challenge myself next year but i dont want to pass up wake for petty reasons, any input would be much appreciated
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Replies to: decision time

  • willmingtonwavewillmingtonwave Registered User Posts: 3,344 Senior Member
    I was thinking about the same thing when looking at Wake. However, that is what I want, a broader education. That's why you go to a liberal arts school, for cultural literacy. Also people say how its so homogeneous and what-not, but seriously, how alike can almost 5,000 people be. Also weather wise, Winston-Salem > Ohio anyday. Definately visit Wake, that is what made me apply ED. GL!
  • jacqui1123jacqui1123 Registered User Posts: 4 New Member
    i'm in the exact same position you are! i got waitlisted where i really want to go (UNC), and i dont want to go to bucknell or richmond so its down to miami (OH) or wake forest.

    i don't really know much about wake forest, and i'm scared about it being too small as well. i also got money from miami and feel like i'd be more comfortable there, but i feel like i should go to wake since it's better academically. let me know how wake was after you visit this weekend, i'm visiting miami and doing an overnight monday. also, what are you planning on majoring in?
  • mojojojo69mojojojo69 - Posts: 2,571 Senior Member
    will, i have to disagree with u, because 85% of the student body @ wake forest is white, even if its 4500 of them out of 5,000 is still not a lot of diversity...I would rethink your statement...
  • warblersrulewarblersrule Super Moderator Posts: 9,953 Super Moderator
    According to their Common Data Set, Miami (OH) is at least 87% white.

    4500 undergrad students really isn't that small. That's the same size (or larger) than Rice, Dartmouth, Johns Hopkins, U Chicago, MIT, etc.
  • willmingtonwavewillmingtonwave Registered User Posts: 3,344 Senior Member
    Meh, my high school is 97% white, so it really doesn't bother me. I don't feel that the size will pose a problem for me as my town doesn't even have 4,500 hundred people. So theres no reason for me to rethink that. To each their own, I just don't think race should even be an issue.
  • ragamuffinragamuffin Registered User Posts: 52 Junior Member
    "diversity" does not always have to be about race. aren't there other ways a student body can be diverse (economic background, religion...or lack of, private/public school, IDEAS) ?
  • mkm56mkm56 Registered User Posts: 3,062 Senior Member
    Chapel Hill is 79% white. And who says diversity only means race?
  • borntorunborntorun Registered User Posts: 103 Junior Member
    diversity isn't skin color
  • zoom1017zoom1017 Registered User Posts: 47 Junior Member
    thanks for everybody's input

    jacqui -- im not really too sure yet about my major, i really need to do some more investigating before i make a decision, but ill definitely let you know how wake is after the visit this weekend
  • lilz1488lilz1488 Registered User Posts: 9 New Member
    i think that UNC is a gay school for rejecting you, and if they accept that little skinny kid instead JUST b/c he jumps on a STIFF BOARD in a speedo then they're gay and their missing out on one of the best students ive known (honestly). You are very intelligent yet not a nerd. Your choices are down to two good schools b/c let's face it theyre not community colleges, so ur fine on that. but the choice is urs and i wouldnt let the factor of "no friends there" influence my future. But, you're gonna be there for four years and environment is important. So is the curriculum and quality so i guess u really kinda have a tough decision. All i have to say is GOOD LUCK! and......ill cya in school tm haha
  • njmomnjmom Registered User Posts: 398 Member
    To those of you who brought up the fact that diversity is more then skin color- good for you for being so wise so young! Maybe those who constantly quote "white" or "black" percentage could learn from you......
  • mojojojo69mojojojo69 - Posts: 2,571 Senior Member
    Im sorry, but i have to disagree with all of you who said that diversity isnt just skin color. Although i agree there are many types of diversity, Skin plays a role in diversity and even though you may say it doesnt, it certainly does! I doubt i will ever find a white person to speak japanese or perfect spanish and i will certainly base my decision on diversity as even though i went to an all-white school, i would like to go to a university that has individuals who share the same beliefs and cultures...skin color can, for the most part, indicate the certain culture one believes in, even though it may sound a bit discriminatory, its true and its something i believe in...I would feel more comfortable around minorities, such as myself, than a pure white school (no offense to anyone) that is particularly the reason why minorities tend to segragate...
  • njmomnjmom Registered User Posts: 398 Member
    It is good of you to say you are the one who has a an issue feeling comfortable with non-minorities. I feel sorry for people who would specify an "all anything" school. Good luck wherever you go.
  • mojojojo69mojojojo69 - Posts: 2,571 Senior Member
    I dont have an issue feeling comfortable with non minorities, its just that we dont share the same language or the same racist comments minorities get everyday....
  • njmomnjmom Registered User Posts: 398 Member
    I am from a family of Italian immigrants, grandparents "right off the boat". No English, no education- worked for practically nothing laying bricks.They would have been amazed at the opportunities offered to minorities and immigrants now. They heard many, many comments that were awful. (greaseball, dingo, ect.) I guess people were "less sensitive" then. (LOL!) Gee, I wonder what they would have thought about going to a great college with goverment assistance. At any rate, my son will be going to Wake (first generation). Thanks, ancestors, for assimilating!!!!
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